Sunday, 22 November 2015

Three Words That Resonate!

14th W.O.W!

Words are a refined form of sound, with proper shape and structure and one that is concrete thereby enabling humans to communicate, consequently distinguishing them from the other creatures that inhabit the earth.

There are innumerable words that I tend to use in my writing often and come under the favourite category. But there are only a few words that run through my mind almost everyday or resonate with me almost instantly.

The first word would be Paneer. It is one of my all time favourite items. The earliest memory of me having Paneer butter masala was in a South Indian restaurant. Obviously, it was not authentic. The dish had a blood red colour, clearly telling us that colour additives had been added. But somehow this dish with its saucy tomato taste instantly attracted me. From then on, my mother started making it at home (after reading a recipe). Soon after, it became a mandatory household dish that was made atleast twice a month. Chennai, being cosmopolitan, has a lot of North Indian restaurants like the Dhaba where we compulsorily had Rumali roti/ Butter naan with Paneer Butter Masala, which got me addicted to it even more. The golden orange dish with spots of white liquid butter floating on it. Ah, just yum. I never get tired of it. The soft, white cube paneer pieces. Ah, I still remember the days when as a child, I used to do one childish thing - arranging all the paneer pieces and eating them all at one go in the end. My brothers, knowing me very well, taunt me by snatching actions, relishing me wailing. Since then, my mother started making different forms of Paneer dishes like Palak Paneer, Paneer dosa, Paneer fried rice and noodles etc; Even now, my mother after preparing the dish, lets me ( or whichever son is available ) to have the first taste.

The second word would be Magic. Ever since I was a kid, I liked to believe in all the mythological stories like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Then came Harry Potter. It was intense desire and love for it from then on. What I wouldn't give to study at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ofcourse, I could relate to the story very much because I probably read it at the right age. JK Rowling's Harry Potter universe never ceases to amaze me. Each and every character in it, including the antagonist Lord Voldemort, creates a sense of awe even now. As I read every story, it left me with a sense of wanting more of it. As expected, the movies failed to match my expectations. And that is another proof, where words create far impressive imagery in your mind a.k.a the imagination. Not one day goes without the word magic crossing my mind. I yearn for magic. Alas, it is a concept beyond reason!

 The third word would be Electronic. When I was in kindergarten, it was the height of Cartoon Network. Television ruled with its memorable cartoons like Tom and Jerry and the Loony tunes. But my craze was electonics increased manifold with the advent of the new age device known as the computer. Now the personal computer - it was the first time such a out-of-the-world device was introduced in India. The feeling was ecstatic and wonderment. We could play games and chat with people online. Being Online was a kind of satisfaction at that time. Internet, still in its nascent stages, far few people were using it. Yahoo messenger was making me go 'wow' everytime a buzz ring came in. For my brothers, it was Orkut, as I was not of age to use it. Even sending emails created a sense of joy in us. Then came touchscreen smartphones and android which is my current craze. The word Electronic resonates with me in another way too. Of late, I had fallen in love with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Trance and House music. Nothing matches that feeling of joy and ecstasy and adrenaline when playing it on my speakers in full blast.

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  1. Nice memories!!!

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