Thursday, 19 November 2015


I remember the first time we bought our first personal computer - that pale, white in colour machine with its distinct 'computer' smell. And at once, I am flooded with fond memories of playing MS-DOS games like Roadrash, Doom; the green blinking lights on the old BSNL dial up modem that meant we have established a connection to the internet! With the advent of 4G internet, 256 Kbps seems unthinkable for today's scenario.

In recent years, smartphones have become a craze among the people. Smartphones are becoming more advanced. Octacore processor is the norm these days. The scene is dominated by Google's Android. We are all fascinated by the different apps that we use. But sometimes people are confused because there are many clones available. And sometimes people get used to one app that they ignore a clone that actually is much better and faster than the original. Here are some of the apps that I use and I think are better than their competition.

1. Hike over Whatsapp :

 Hike is undeniably my preferred choice over Whatsapp for messaging and sharing media. It is much fast, colourful and refreshing than Whatsapp. The stickers (smileys on hike) are made to kill. Hike has tons of stickers categorised by different regional languages, moods and even has stickers of famous celebrities uttering classic dialogues according to the situation. In addition to that, Hike can send even files like pdf documents unlike whatsapp. A more recent update enables users to text and share data (100 MB in 10 seconds) without using mobile data (or WiFi) via a feature called 'Hike Direct' to people within a range of 100m. There is also hike calling and hike groups that can have more people as members.

2. MX Player over the Default Player or any:

 The default player is by no means satisfying for me. It is very irritating. MX player is again very fast and I can fast forward, increase or decrease volume or brightness by just sliding my thumb. It also plays almost any format thrown at it.

3. CameraMX over Retrica/ Picsart :

 Both Retrica and Picsart are wonderful apps. I too liked them. But CameraMX does much more than just showy filters and editing. With CameraMX, you can capture pictures and record videos and edit them. Yes, there are far less filters than Retrica, but one would have to be selfie freak to download it just for an insane number of filters. Its editing prowess is comparable to Picsart. The unique feature or one that I would use it often is its ability in the video department. Unlike the default camera app that can shoot videos only in 1080p (which rather takes up a lot space in the memory card), CameraMX can capture videos at atmost 1080p, meaning it can capture videos in 720p or lesser too.  It also has time lapse, one tap capture, pause and record features.

 4. SHAREit :

This app is just wonderful and highly useful and cool too. But you need to have it in both the system and the mobile (sender and receiver). Is your data transfer cable missing or is your time limited to transfer two full length movies into your mobile via the cable or is your bluetooth just slow to transfer a movie to your friend's mobile? Worry no more. SHAREit comes to the rescue. It can transfer any media at lightning speed without cable.

The #Technocrats at Google having released Android 6.0 Marshmallow in their nexus devices is soon expected in other devices as well.


  1. Great bro👍!!! Add Showbox app too... Using that we can watch english seasons/movies at desired quality...

  2. Great bro👍!!! Add Showbox app too... Using that we can watch english seasons/movies at desired quality...

    1. Thanks da...yes showbox seems like a great app :D

  3. Interesting choices of apps. Informative post, Akash :)

    1. Yes Meera... CameraMX in particular is very wonderful!

  4. SHAREit and hike are the best :D
    Nice that you wrote an article about these apps...
    Keep writing such articles on the latest tech updates
    Any idea when we'll get the M update on android?

    1. Actually another one is in the making if I get shortlisted ...


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