Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Chennai Metro Unveiled!

More than two months has passed since the Chennai Metro was unveiled and I got a chance to experience it only a week back. There was much excitement and anticipation as soon as the date of unveiling was announced. When the veil was finally lifted, it sure did not disappoint people. On the day of inauguration, scores of people had assembled at the station two-three hours before the first ride - all to experience the much-hyped metro. People enjoyed viewing Chennai from a different dimension. There had been criticisms for the fares, which are supposedly even higher than Delhi or Bangalore and there was (is) no proper linking with other modes of transport. Therefore a complete effectiveness of this new pet project is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, people are taking rides like tourists just to have a taste of the new experience. The Metro is yet to be completely unveiled. Only phase I has been finished.



Above are some of the pictures that I captured. Overall the Metro experience was pleasant and awesome and very unlike Chennai-ish.  I especially liked the female voice on the intercom :P


  1. Aha.. Metro in Chennai. I didn't get a chance to travel in metro this time. But hopefully when I visit there in future. Nice captures, Akash :)

  2. wow.... awesome :-)
    cheers, Archana -


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