Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sibling Idiosyncrasies!

Being the youngest in the family with two elder brothers, I was the most pampered and regarded as 'cute' for the longest period of time. Now couple that with the Nineties era. It was that time in India when television sets (colour and more channels), personal computers, walkman and music players, mobile phones and Internet came into the mainstream. Yet the entry of those things did not go overboard in a single year. To be precise, these things appeared at the right time, such that we (90s born) were the first generation to have enjoyed them. But still, we did not get too involved with it. It was that time in India when children paid heed to their parents and knew their limits.

So one could imagine the perks I had. But here comes the problem. I had to share with my two elder brothers. This was especially in the case of television. Cartoon network was at its height during the early 2000s. So there was a constant demand and clamour for the remote control. While my first brother would want to watch movie channels and my second brother would want to watch sports channels, I wanted to watch Tom and Jerry.

We had bought the first PC way back in 2001. I have to say, it looked so cool. The excitement I experienced when we first unpacked it carefully and switched it on was pure bliss. Imagine a device with which we could listen to music, see pictures and watch movies, chat with people and play games! Everything on the same screen! Though we had our own computer time slots, sometimes we shared it in a weird way. How you ask? MS-DOS games were very popular those days. Doom, Keen, Dangerous Dave, Roadrash! There was this particular racing game called Breakneck. But it was not just racing. The cars in this game were fitted with missiles and stuff. For the sake of playing the game somehow, I used to play my part in launching missiles. I still remember a day where four of us (including my cousin) played that game. One controlled the vehicle, one applied the handbrake and two of us launched missiles.

Still my second brother doesn't call my first brother by his name but only "Anna". But I, on the other hand, still call them by their names. Strangely, they too seem fine with it. As a kid, I had the extended liberty to call them cow, pig, buffalo etc, though that has now stopped :P. I used to fear my first brother more than my second and also he was the one who has hit me the most (many of them were without warning). Ofcourse, he hits me only when I irritate him such as watching while he was using the system or back answering when he was in a bad mood.

My second brother was rather close and we went to the same school. He used to do or rather was made to do all my holiday homework given at school during the summer holidays. We used to play games together like home cricket, carom, cards and business. Once when we were playing cricket inside the room with a hard-plastic ball, my brother was giving me a hard time. I was not able to play even one shot. I was growing frustrated when suddenly I lifted and swung the bat. Out of sheer luck, I hit the ball and it went all the way to the tubelight. CRASH! The tube broke into pieces and it was littered all around. Though I knew the imminent trouble that I had caused, it was an eureka moment. Ofcourse, my second brother was blamed this time too.

Some of the sibling idiosyncrasies we shared was the raucous noise we made, blatant name calling, teasing and mimicking that one particular relative whom we didn't like much, stealing that extra poori and even being seated at our favourite spot before the other one does. There are many more such distinct idiosyncrasies which we share that just cannot be done anywhere else. Though maturity erased some of it, we still have some subtle things left. Behind all these idiosyncrasies, we still helped each other from crises, give valuable advice, coming in to support at the right time.


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  1. Cheers to your brothers for tolerating your mischief.. ;-)
    being with brothers is always fun.. nice post, Akash. :)


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