Friday, 21 August 2015

Get Aboard The 4G Express!

Two of the most annoying things in recent times as far as mobile phones are concerned are, battery becoming low at the most inopportune time and sluggish internet speeds (or weak WiFi reception).

When 2G (second generation network) was first introduced, we were all awed by the very technology that enabled us to send messages wireless. Then came 3G (third generation network) that took us by a storm. The speeds were mind blowing and even videos could be watched with satisfactory amount of buffering. But it goes without saying, humans desire for the next best thing and will never (I am talking of ordinary citizens) get satisfied with whatever he has in the present. Just when we thought that 1080p (Full HD) display on our smartphone couldn't get any better, the market is bombarded with 2k (Quad HD) display phones and Sharp has already released the world's first 4K smartphone. 4K is a word that we are just correlating with televisions. Such is the craziness.

And it is the same in the case of mobile internet.
Who doesn't love internet that is insanely fast?
What will you feel when the Facebook app on your mobile becomes suddenly lightning fast, something that just doesn't happen in 3G?
What will you feel when you can access even the most dense web smoothly?
What will you feel when you watch YouTube videos in high resolutions without that irritating, rotating buffer?
What will you feel when you have the ability to download 20-30 medium sized songs under 3 minutes?
Finally, what will you feel when you can do all the above in the background and still video call someone...again I stress...without hiccups...?

Oh, are you grinning from ear to ear now?

And what if I say, I actually did all the above...for real? Okay...don't faint. Get a grip on yourself. Yes, it is true. Its 4G yaaaaar! 4G is coming to mobile. He is going to become our best friend from now onwards. 4G has been there for a while already (over a year). But it had been limited to just Bengaluru and Kolkata I'm not wrong. And that too only iPhones.

Airtel, India's largest telecom operator, first introduced these services. This year, a number of 4G mobiles have been released. Recently, Airtel has brought 4G services to the mainstream, introducing it to over 296 cities. The best part is Airtel is offering these services at 3G rates. Can you believe it?

Wait, there is one more good news. Airtel is offering a free 4G sim (without having to change your numbers) that can be used effectively in a 4G compatible mobile. They are even delivering it to your home. The process is really simple. Getting a Airtel 4G sim is just a tweet away.

Tweet #GetAirtel4G and Airtel will immediately get in touch with you.

Recently I bought the new Moto G3 and guess what, it has 4G support!! Updating applications were pure pleasure, I tell you. For the first time, watching YouTube was pure bliss. It was like TV, for god's sake.

#Airtel4G is amazingly and stunningly fast.

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