Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Friendship - The Ship That Never Sinks!

College days are when best friends from school depart. Each of them study in a different city. Typical was the case of Jayanthi and Lakshmi. They had been good friends for the past 10 years. Jayanthi was a quiet and artistic girl whereas Lakshmi was jovial and a chatterbox. The fact that they had to continue their education in different cities, Mysore and Chennai  proved to be upsetting the two of them.

 They were not like the usual friends. Though they had been friends for 10 years, they seldom hung out together . They shared a wonderful relationship, where both knew each other by heart and were not like typical ‘showing off’ kind of friends. Even after their college started, they were not in constant touch. They used to share important information once in a while and had pretty short conversations just to check out if the other one was doing fine. Hardly Lakshmi would get time to travel to Chennai as her vacation used to be short. In addition to that, Lakshmi’s parents also shifted to Mysore for the sake of their daughter. So rarely did Lakshmi had a reason to travel to Chennai. However, Lakshmi made up her mind to visit Jayanthi and other friends in Chennai  every year atleast for a day or two. It was the summer of 2014 and both were into their third year of college. Lakshmi had planned a visit to Chennai  as the very next year she would be leaving to the United states for her post graduate studies. Since she knew she wouldn’t be able to meet her friends anytime after that, she planned her journey to Chennai for 3 days.

She had planned out a hectic schedule for all 3 days, to visit friends, relatives, shopping etc. Before leaving for Chennai, Lakshmi called up Jayanthi to inform her about the plans. Only then did she come to know that Jayanthi was doing her internship in Pondicherry and would be busy for all the 3 days. Though disappointed, she did not cancel her plans and started her journey to Chennai.

Two days passed by in Chennai  and she visited friends and relatives as per her plan. On the last day, she along with her school friend, Rahul planned a day out to the Mcdonalds in the evening. As they both reached the spot, much to her shock, Jayanthi was standing there and waving a big hi to her. On enquiring, she got to know that her friend had taken a day off just to meet her without thinking about the consequences she would face at her workplace. Lakshmi was touched. She never had thought that Jayanthi would come all the way from Pondy to meet her. All the three of them talked and had so much fun for two hours. At nine in the night was Lakshmi’s train to mysore. Rahul and Jayanthi had come to send her off. Eyes filled with tears of happiness  and heart feeling content, Lakshmi departed from Chennai. This simple gesture of her friend had made her day.

 Hadn’t Jayanthi followed her heart and decided to take a day off to meet Lakshmi, they wouldn’t have met each other for the next 3 years.

Friendship is a magic; those who don’t believe in it, will never find it.


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  1. this post brings me back some happy memories. nice write up. :)


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