Sunday, 1 February 2015

Selling Just Got Easier!

Quikr is India's largest online and mobile classfieds portal based in Mumbai. Started over six years back, this portal, present in more than 900 cities, provides a platform for the people to buy, sell, rent goods and services across multiple categories, ranging from electronics to real estate.

Coming to the purpose of this post, Quikr has introduced a new concept called the Quikr Nxt. With this, selling and buying has gone to the next level. Under Quikr Nxt, two new features have been introduced - free home delivery of goods purchased on their platform and instant chat facility between sellers and buyers. The process has become even more simplified in a very obvious way with the induction of these features. Both of these are a first of their kind in a home grown site.

Some of the reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call:

  1. Time: This is one factor that we can't afford to lose. With all the sayings and proverbs and advices that we come across at school, in movies and at home, we strive to follow a healthy schedule in our busy lives. So it is only better over all to effectively spend our time by reducing it but also accomplishing the task without any loss in quality. I think texting is a good trade off for the conventional phone calls. And the buyers and sellers are not acquainted before, which justifies it all the more perfectly. Texting also has another benefit. One can start, resume and end his/her chat at any time and anywhere. // A benefit for the buyer and seller

  2. Awkwardness: Texting comes to the rescue when it comes to awkwardness. We might be surrounded by family members or friends. Or we could be occupied in an important meeting with the boss. Or worse, we could be on a date with our boyfriends or girlfriends. So it will be awkward for us to have a conversation with an unknown person who wants to buy a mobile phone. We can't possibly argue or bargain freely without shouting (in the case of phone calls). Yes, shouting is most often thought to win a bargain. Chatting solves this problem. It is very subtle and definitely steers clear of the awkwardness. No one notices you texting. They will only stare when you are on a call. And that particular customer would turn out be a pesky thus damaging the situation further. // A benefit for the seller

  3. Internet: The third reason I think is applicable for most people out there. More often than not, people have net packs (or connected to the WiFi) rather than the main balance for calling (when buyer wants to call). India is exploding in terms of smartphone sales and internet usage. Everyone knows what the internet is. They had rather text people (unknown that too) than make STD calls to other states. Even personally, I prefer texting to calling people. // A benefit to the buyer

Texting not only simplifies the whole process of selling and buying, but also promotes internet usage, which I kind of like. And people are lured to Quikr at the subconscious level to sell or buy their goods. Texting is easy, subtle, cost effective, not at all time consuming, easy on the nerves to both the buyer and seller. Another crucial thing in which texting helps is, one can remember the deals made with multiple customers (from various locations) for different products. This is not possible in phone calls. The human mind can remember only so much. With texting, sharing the details of the product becomes easier - one can take live pictures or videos of the product and share it instantaneously thus keeping the level of trust sustained.

According to Quikr, one doesn't have to share their contact number or email address with anyone. The only point of contact becomes your Quikr ID and one can use Quikr Nxt to chat with people using the app on their smartphone.

This post was written for the Indi Happy Hour campaign for Quikr in collaboration with Indiblogger.

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