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Take Care!

According to,

“A pimple is a small pustule or papule. Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin - they are sebaceous glands (oil glands) which are infected with bacteria, swell up, and then fill up with pus.”

Pimples are as scary looking as the definition above. In simple terms, pimples are a small protrusion that appears on different parts of human skin. There are two main reasons for pimples sprouting up in one’s face – the first being due to the hormonal changes that the body undergoes during the teen years and the second owing to the oily, junk food that we gorge on. 

Both men and women get pimples – but the degree varies with the person. While some look like leprosy patients, others have just one or two pimples in random locations that is not perceptible. I myself had a  not-so-good experience with respect to pimples. I was first introduced to the word by a school mate who was a friendly bully. It was during 9th grade, if I remember correctly.

One fine day, he said, “Yendha Ponna Da Sight Adikara?”, (Which girl are you checking out, dude?) with a loud voice and a wide grin, that turned the other boys’ attention towards me.

So I was drawn to a conclusion that maybe if a boy checks out a hot girl, he gets pimples. Did it work vice versa too? But I did not check out girls, at least not those days. Only later I came to know (after Reproduction chapter was taught in the Biology class, which was always filled with giggles) that pimples are a result of the hormonal changes and the excessive oil production.

These pimples caused a lot of nuisances directly and indirectly. It would have been okay, if they were present in one or two places. But no, for me, it was all over the face. And they had a colour too. Shocking red. I looked like a chronic diseased patient. And they were a pain in the face literally and figuratively. These pimples also kept changing places and in numbers. They were aplenty during the quintessential Chennai summer season and minimal during the pleasant winter.

One problem was sleeping. I like sleeping on the side but these pimples, if came in contact with an object, the result was excruciating pain, thus snatching away my preference.

Even the basic things like cupping your face and resting the hands on the table during class hours; washing your face were painful. Many a time the liquid inside bursts out in a very embarrassing way.

There was then the increasing self consciousness (for a certain period) with respect to physical appearance while taking pictures or making oneself presentable. These pimples were in the way of gaining a respectable rating.  

Every boy and girl has a “cuteness” era where whatever he/she says is taken lightly even if it is outrageous. In my case, it extended well almost till the end of 9th grade. After that it was met with frowns and criticism all of a sudden. :O There are some irritating relatives whose way of showing adoration is by clutching the cheeks with two fingers like a plier. I really wanted to punch those people on many occasions.

The polluted atmosphere of the city while travelling adds to the problem. Dust and sweat further fasten the growth of these pimples. So it is almost impossible to remove these for even one day.

Over the years I have tried different face washes, creams, home remedies to reduce them. But in futility. These creams were not at all effective and more often than not, seem to worsen the situation. And many of these products had a very heavy smell which was all the more deceiving. The attractive packaging, graphics and advertisements are just a sham, I would say.

The spurt of pimples stopped after some odd 4-5 years though the occasional one or two came back to give attendance. The skin texture became much more refined and glowing after I started having a glass of ABC daily morning in empty stomach. But all is not well still. I still crave for crispy, fried, spicy, crunchy, cheesy and oily foods. Also often, I tend to forget to drink water unless I felt real thirsty. As a result these pimples appear suddenly, surprising me.

When I first saw this contest on Indi, I was a little sceptical, assuming it was a women use only product, what with Alia Bhatt endorsing it. But then after a little bit of googling, I found that it is a unisex product.

I won’t deny that I’m writing this post for promoting Garnier and aiming for at least a flipkart voucher. But that’s not the only reason. I have never tried a Garnier face wash although I have used their shampoos which did not disappoint. I have used Himalaya, Clean and Clear and Nivea previously none of which were benefitting in the long term. Also I heard that most of the ingredients were natural. Therefore I decided to try it for myself and review it. 

These are my views on Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash after seven days of usage once in the morning and once in the evening.

The semi-gel liquid is a lime green in colour that gives off a very mild, pleasant neem smell. That is a positive hunch in my opinion, considering the heavy perfume like smells of other brands but with poor results.

I noticed that after rinsing my face, I felt a cool freshness that was energising. The coolness lasts for over an hour.

I also noticed that this face wash removes excess oil from the skin and remains that way for well over six- seven hours. That is a very good thing for me. An oily face gives an impression of a dull face.

What is Comedogenic?

Comedogenic is a new adjective I learnt. :P It describes a substance that tends to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.

Most of the other face washes come with multiple comedogenic ingredients which usually trigger the growth of pimples. But in the case of Garnier, there is only such ingredient- Sodium Laureth Sulphate – that too a very mild one. So this face wash is mostly non-comedogenic which at least will not cause more pimples. That is again a positive.

After the second day of usage, I noticed that the skin texture became more even and smooth. The few pimples that were present had almost disappeared, at least visibly. The few blackheads that were there were also vanishing gradually.

Overall this product is a good buy – given the very much affordable price.


  1. Garnier products are really superb. They are very much beneficial. I generally use all garnier products...Thank u for the post.

  2. Garnier ACNO fight ,oil clear etc have already ruined my money nd patience..Neem activ is next trap i guess..If those products are really good y dont thety last in market for more than 2 yrs? But I appreciate ur way of writin Yo!!


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