Friday, 16 January 2015


How do I even start for this one? Can a girl ever be defined exactly? There is so much to being a girl than what meets the eye is just the tip of an iceberg. She is so busy being herself, being a part of the so called weaker sex, that the world at large neither can, nor will be, able to predict, let alone interpret what is going on in her mind. And let us for once divert all the attention from the male community. The society has never truly understood women and has its own opinion about them in every coordinate of space and time humans can think of or even imagine. So here I am to share the story of how I am not the archetypal girl but still, enjoy the perks of being one.

                I am the typical middle class girl, currently studying (and I say ‘studying’ cause I don’t think I’ll ever be able to whole heartedly ‘pursue’), engineering. Hailing from a family that doesn’t give much freedom to girl children, I am lucky enough to have got a rebel as my mother. But on the contrary she does possess certain qualities that makes her the typical parent of today. I was six when mom got me enrolled for classes in Bharatanatyam, and thanks to her, since then, it is the one thing that brings out the real me. Though I might not look like the typical dancer with a slender frame and long lashes, I hardly ever get tired with this dance form that I completely adore. If most girls out there, of my age, like to hit the dance floor at some club with disco lightings to let themselves loose, I prefer to tie up my dance anklets and move my legs, hands, neck and eyes to some random jathi sung by a seasoned carnatic musician.

                And unlike any classical dancer out there, my characteristics too don’t match with theirs. The grace and beauty might just surface when I’m performing, but in any day with a clear sky, I’m the girl who plays street cricket with her brothers. Neither is there much of a chance for girl who grew up with four brothers. A crazy cricket fan, who jumped out of the sofa and ran the whole street with her brother when India won the world cup (Oh… I’m already excited for the second week of February), the tag of being a girl just doesn’t bother me. People are always pointing out my straight forwardness, and plain speaking habits which surprises me given that we are already in the 21st century.

                Though I might have a part in me that is not exactly girly, I do possess another part in me that is the typical girl. The fantasies of a never ending walk in wardrobe, parlour appointments once in every two weeks, and owning a collection of the best novels, have crossed my mind too. Jumping on puddles of water during the rain, cooking dinner for the family, draping a sari all by myself, drawing rangoli during occasions, fighting with my brother for the TV remote and leading the neighbourhood kids’ wolf pack while playing crazy pranks on fellow colony mates even when I am twice their age, gives me happiness that I guess I would have never enjoyed if I was born a boy.  I am proud to be a crazy sister, a loyal friend, a passionate dancer, a grateful daughter, a mischievous prankster, a terrible cook, a bespectacled nerd, a typical Tamil ponnu and most important of all, an awesome Girl.


This post too was written by my school friend.

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