Friday, 9 January 2015


The new Tata Bolt which is set to launch shortly this month, has been making waves at malls all over the country. The car which is based on the X1 platform, has been on display in 2-3 different places in Chennai itself. The day turned out to be lucky when Blogadda announced this contest. Tata has come up with a very good yet subtle way of promoting their new car. Bloggers! :) I was more than happy to do this for two reasons - one for the assured prizes they give away for those of us who just blog about the car and its amazing features within this price point. The best blogpost also wins a Bolt. The second reason is Tata, being an Indian company. it is a good thing to promote Indian cars by ourselves.

Me with the Bolt in Forum mall

Some of the features that are to my liking were:-

The Design:

The design of the new Tata Bolt was the thing that fascinated me the most. As you can see from the pictures, though it does retain the old design of the Vista, this car has got a more aggressive front and back. The chrome grill in the front looks very premium. I thought the curve of this car is more appealing than the old Tata hatchbacks. The styling on the doors,back and the lights are more well-defined and gives the appearance of a rugged car.

Infotainment System By Harman:

The Bolt has a touchscreen infotainment system by Harman which proves to be of help in alien places while also providing for entertainment. It assists us in driving with unique connectivity features such as smart phone enabled navigation from MapMyIndia and advanced voice command recognition. That is cool right . . .at this price. Imagine the features of the Motorola Moto X inside a car. It can also read out SMS. The audio systems present are usually found in high end cars like Mercedes and Jaguar.

The New Engine:

The Tata Bolt comes with the 1.2 litre Revotron engine that produces 84 BHP. Developed by Tata with inputs from global players such as AVL, Bosch, INA etc, this enigine delivers class leading performance. Th Revotron has been developed to deliver optimal performance and power while also providing driving pleasure and comfortability. The diesel variant will be the tried and tested Quadrajet diesel motor that churns out 73 BHP.

Different Modes For Different Speed:

The Bolt has three different modes for cruising in variable speeds namely Eco, City, Sport. While Eco is used for increasing fuel efficiency and City for cruising meticulously in the bustling city's roads and narrow lanes, Sport is for the powerful driving needed when cruising on the highways.

The Interiors:

The seats looks comfy and there are a total of eight speakers, with power windows, bluetooth and usb and central locking system. There is also a feature of speed dependent volume control. The presence of dual front airbags surprised me, as I assumed there won't be any definitely. The interiors look spacious and the rear side can seat 3 adults or 4 young children comfortably.

Overall, the Tata Bolt is a car that screams ferocious and rugged and cool with one word - that is the Bolt! It comes packed with luxurious features at an affordable price point. That is the thing that lures me most. Tata has come up with innovate ways to promote this car and create awareness about their new engine - the Revotron. One can take a photo with a virtual image of Narain Karthikeyan and it automatically gets uploaded to Facebook. The virtual image also goes on to talk about the special features of the car especially the new Engine.

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