Saturday, 27 December 2014

To Lie Or Not To Lie!

Lying, nowadays, has become an art (just like copying in exams) and most of us are able to do it flawlessly with no misguided facial expressions. Some people even do it as sort of their profession and keep doing it for the rest of their lives - be it in their personal or social life - to the extent that they can't speak the truth ever again without their knowing, even for small matters. It becomes a part of their life. Some don't even realise that they are lying. Such has become its prevalence just like swearing in social media.

Many a time, users post statuses/ share pictures saying one team has been raped by the rival team. It just means that the rival team has defeated the other team in an outrageously great way, What was considered as an offensive word in the dictionary has now just become "cool" to use it, in order to gain attention. Lying too has achieved a similar level of supposed coolness over the years. Lying in the most creative and deceptive ways to parents, teachers, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends has become a norm.

That being said, there are always exceptions - lying for a good cause or lying for the greater good. Sometimes, lying to the concerned person is necessary for his own benefit. A doctor can't really choose to become a Harichandra to announce a sad news to a sensitive wife or mother or husband about his/her beloved's early-to-be demise. It is like destroying their beliefs, hope and confidence. And close family members cannot really give their true account on what they witnessed on an unintentional murder of a rapist or serial killer.

For me, lying has not come easy. One reason: I know I will ultimately fail to lie effectively. My facial expressions will give me away easily. Moreover, I have not felt the necessity to lie. Yes, some problems could have been solved easily and shortly if I had lied in the first place. It is really difficult for me to lie to my parents. Some of my earliest attempts at lying was when I had failed in some exams at school.

And by the way, I think not telling the truth at the right moment and procrastinating it is also a form of a lie. Even choosing to leave out some finer details in the "truth" is also a lie. However small it may be, if it affects the concerned party in a very negative way, a lie is a lie.

The following is a short memory of mine of a failed attempt in efforts to lie. I ended up telling the truth. It was in my ninth grade and I was in my peak of academic performance. That day, our class' social studies answer sheets for the mid term were being distributed. I had scored a good 98 percent in it. When I did my re-totalling, I was shocked to find that my mark had been totalled wrong. There was an extra 4 mark. I checked again and again. Despite my friends' protests, I decided to go against them and confront the teacher. She was surprised but continued to deduct the four marks and returned the paper, smiling. There were 2-3 similar incidents like this, and I clearly remember one of them turn to be in my favour - the teacher decided to leave it as it is, appreciating my honesty. I would not deny a selfish motive to gain a good image in the teacher's mind. So it is not completely a pure deed.

But there is no way, I would do that now. If there is an accidental increase in marks, I would avoid going to the professor. It is their duty to evaluate the answer papers correctly :P.


  1. Haha ya its their duty to do it right. I rmbr one such incident during my school days. Sometimes I prefer not to say the whole truth as long as it make others happy. i think its ok to an extent.. Good post..


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