Monday, 14 July 2014

ABC - A Magic Potion!

In this post I am going to talk about a special, natural drink which can be exaggerated as a magic potion. Such is its goodness. Most people have not heard about it, although when I searched in the internet after my mother read it in a magazine, there were numerous results. Nevertheless the internet is all about sharing and communicating great and unheard of ideas. This drink combines the power and goodness of two vegetables and one fruit. ABC is short for Apple, Beetroot and Carrot.

All the three are sort of sweet in a different kind of way. So when you slice and grind it in a mixie or a juicer, you get something of a thick, organic mixture/ potion that is of brilliant red in colour. The red comes mainly from the beetroot that is freakishly red, resembling the human blood. This drink offers all kinds of benefits possible to the human life. The result? . . . well, you don't have to worry about any kind of health deterioration whatsoever.

Before jumping into the different benefits, there is another thing to note. There is no big recipe for this drink. For two cups of ABC drink, all you need is one of each of the three. Wash and slice them and grind it in a mixie/ juicer. Add water and filter the residue, collecting the red in a glass. If you can drink it without sugar, fine - because this sweet is kind of raw. Drinking without sugar adds to the goodness. Now the important part. This should be drunk in an empty stomach, early morning. After an hour, you can take your regular breakfast. Do not store the drink in the fridge, otherwise the very purpose of the drink is lost. Drinking it fresh and raw is the idea behind it.

Coming to the benefits, this drink is enriched with all kinds of vitamins such as A, B-complex, C, E, K and other minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese, Calcium, Sodium and dietary fibres. There is another list that consists of scientific terms but I am not bore you with that.

The drink will delay ageing, improve your eyesight, strengthen the heart, liver, kidney; boost your immune system a lot; Improve your memory, concentration, attention - enhancement of the nervous system; Your skin glows like never before (a very visible change I've had) - a natural detox tonic I'd say; Regular and good bowel movement; Fights against infections, diseases and anaemia. Basically this is a drink that flushes the bad out of you and gives much needed positive energy - a sort of new life.

Another reported benefit of this drink is that it slows down cancer inflammation. Now that is a very good thing, right?

I'm sure this post was useful to you. Do try this drink, people. This drink enhances and enriches our health. Infact, it comes as a boon at a time, when most of the food we eat is processed, artificial, coloured, attractive and definitely not good for the body. Drinking ABC is the least that we can do to save ourselves!

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P.S: By the way, this is my 101th post. It is a wonderful coincidence that I got 500 Rs for my previous post that is the 100th!   :)


  1. healthy and tasty together.. sounds so good to me.. soon, I am gonna start my day with ABC. very informative post.. thanks for sharing with us, Akash. :)

  2. Back at the farm I worked at, there was a similar drink that was made at parties. No apples, instead it used overproof rum and coconut milk. I don't know if it had the same health affects as your drink though.


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