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May 2014

It was the tenth wedding anniversary for Rachel and Ross but their daughter Emma was already thirteen years old. :P. The family of three decided to go on a tour of India with their four close friends for a month long vacation. India was on their bucket list and now that the “friends” were in their forties, they sure didn’t want to miss a timely chance. It so happened that each one of them had a window of time in their calendar that one could think it was fate’s work. 

They had planned to go to a number of places such as Goa, Delhi, Agra, Kolkata ending in Darjeeling going in a west-east direction. But they were in for a brutal shock. Although they did know that the climatic conditions in the Indian Sub-continent were relatively hot and/or humid overall, they weren’t prepared for the scorching heat of May. Their clothes added to the burden. The one thing that was of some ‘respite’ was the affordability. Everything in India was affordable, atleast for them. They had managed to obtain decent accommodation at decent prices. The Indian cuisine was confusing for them, since it was different in each city. The experience was both irritating and wonderful. Luckily, the guide who was accompanying them to each place, came to the rescue. He had noticed the foreigners suffering from redness in various parts of the skin due to the sultry climate. Their clothing was totally unsuitable for Indian conditions. And by the way they were showing faces of disgust and irritation, he was quite sure that they would be unwilling to shop in the intensely populated bazaars of Delhi! 

That was when the guide struck upon a 'light bulb'. His wife had recently brought several articles such as clothing, kitchenware, bedsheets, curtains and bedsheets at excellent deals thanks to Baggout that also has a Facebook page. He suggested the same to the foreigners. When they navigated through the website they were truly amazed, aswestruck by the plenty super deals. Especially Rachel who was a shopaholic spent long hours on the website. She meticulously selected light coloured clothes with sunglasses and hats for each one of them. 

She noticed that the e-commerce site was very fluid; selecting products was very easy; basically it sorted different items with the lowest prices; each product has a short description that can be shared in social media such as Facebook etc; there were sections for Men, Women and there was a 'Trending' tab too, which listed the popular products. There was also a separate page exclusively consisting of Hot Deals from various E-Vendors, such as Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Homeshop18, Ebay, Amazon and many more. Rachel noticed that one could create a BaggOut account, shop from any of the above the sellers and get some Cashback into the account. Ofcourse, the aforementioned point did really apply for her, as she was here just for a tour. Nevertheless the concept was interesting. 

They got their ordered products on time without any hassles. The clothes were really pleasant to wear for the horrible climate. The sunglasses and hats further amplified the coolness. The rest of the tour was splendid; they saw the magnificent Taj Mahal for the first time - it was indeed a wonder in white. If it wasn't for BaggOut, their tour would have been a disaster!

This was written for a contest sponsored by Baggout - <link>

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