Saturday, 5 April 2014

Time To Enjoy!

Within a blink of the eye, yet another academic year has passed away. Time does fly fast. And now I'm left staring at an incredible number of days for holidays - almost a two and a half months - all thanks to the general elections that is poised to take place soon. Therefore my vacation has started a little early than usual. All my engineering friends were very much flabbergasted, some in awe and some in vexation. I couldn't help but give the 'Evil smiley' while chatting in Whatsapp. Apparently most of them are in the midst of their models or practicals. No wonder some of them got pissed off and asked me to refrain from taunting them.

While I do have other important work to accomplish during the holidays, apart from starting to prepare for the campus placement that will start in the next semester, there is still a lot of time to enjoy or do some productive work. Although, the torrid summer is a pain in the butt (decent). This post is merely a summary of what all I achieved or rather what I got to experience, many things in it, a first time for me.

The most noteworthy of them was of course, the present President visiting my College to inaugurate a new building for commerce and economics.  It was a unique experience, albeit it was irritating to wait for a person who came at 1 PM from 8 AM, however important he may be!

Outreach comes to an end this year. I do take a little pride in doing community service in a little way. A lot of mixed feelings regarding that. That again was new and important for me.

I was also among the group of students who took part in a campaign to create awareness on noise pollution sponsored by TAFE. That ended on a unexpected note with a fantastic lunch buffet at Hyatt Regency, a star hotel.

Surprisingly, I came as a runner-up in the Dabur Chyawanprash contest sponsored by Indi. You can read the entry here. However, I still have no clear idea where I could use this voucher. I also won a prize for a essay competition hosted by the Pro-Life forum club on the topic - 'The Girl Child is an Asset to the Society'. How I wish I had that article with me now!

This year I could not attempt the A-Z challenge. Last year's challenge still brings me much needed traffic to the blog. Clearly, people want to read about Chennai more :) and that is a nice feeling.  However, I see that many of them have started writing for this year. All the best to you all !

Though my blog's readership, traffic and Indi ranking has considerably decreased, thank God that it is atleast alive and I hope to continue to sustain it. Now that I have more free time, it will be good to spend by reading some new blogs and interesting articles.

To digress, Kochadaiiyaan is to be released anytime this month and heavy expectations are upon it. Of course there is no doubt that it will become a box office hit, yet there were some comments made on the quality of the picture when the trailer was released. Many think that this movie is an animated feature and have already started comparing it with blockbusters such as Avatar, TinTin etc. I couldn't help but laugh. To start with Avatar's budget was more than 200 million US$ while Kochadaiiyaan is a small 20 million US$. So they can't possibly compare it in the first place. Moreover, they do not know that this is a motion capture film - meaning that there were real actors who acted with 360 degree cameras on their heads. Infact, this is more difficult because of the fact that actors have to imagine themselves in imaginary surroundings. The surroundings are then computer generated. So yes, Rajinikanth and Deepika did act and perform stunts in real. Agreed, we all had great expectations and it does fail to live up to Hollywood standards but we must not forget that this is just a stepping stone (Second Indian Film to utilise performance capturing) for Indian Cinema and who better than Rajini to start it.

And finally there is a big surprise coming up for the readers very soon, and do wait for it. I'm sure it will not fail to make you happy. 


  1. spreading the jealousy among your friends huh? enjoy your holidays but still you have loads of work to do ;-)
    so, what's that surprise? n again you made us - wait for it :-)
    btw, interesting read!

  2. Bro this is jeevan ..i need your number pronto ..inbox me on fb or email it to me


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