Saturday, 1 March 2014

The War Starts. . .Yet Again!

It is that period of the year when the sky is clearing up and its familiar azure returns to Chennai. In other words, summer is gradually making her entrance. Under normal conditions itself, Chennai experiences a horrible humid and dry weather.  Atleast for most part of the year. February has been kind enough to remain cool. But she shows her hot temper during the day, contrasting the night. Even more surprising was the fact it rained in Chennai on two different days, which is like never. However, day by day, Chennai is becoming more hot.

The picture beside is an instagrammed one, took recently. Although saturated a bit more than usual, you can clearly see the plain blue-ness. Imagine the heat!

Now coming to the topic in hand. It looks as though mosquitoes have gained an intelligence quotient from hum beings by sucking their blood, their DNA enhanced. This season they come with more intelligence, power and stealth. Oh really. . .They are like these stealthy 'assailants'. They can find their freaking way even in dark hours and disrupting conditions (I thought so). You will be outraged if you see my pillow or the bedcovers. The reason being that it is painted with red tinges scattered in different areas. Mosquito Blood. In my sleep I would have scratched myself killing some of them. Such is the atrocity. Their 'injections' have a great depth. No amount of layers of clothing or covering yourself helps from their attacks.

A few days back the power had been shut down for about 5 hours in the night starting from 8 PM, owing to a transformer burst.That was one of the horrible nights. The generator did run for a good two and half hours. But eventually that too ran out of power. It was so hot that I couldn't cover myself with a bedsheet in an effort to safeguard from these night demons. That really only worsened the situation. Besides the numerous painful assaults on the various parts of the skin, there was also the occasional 'drunk' humming, which proved to be irritating. Sometimes, one of them mange to enter my nose,  that was highly disgusting, also gross. Overall, that happened to be a night when I was in desperate need of sleep, but alas, couldn't lie on the mattress even for two seconds. Neither could I sleep properly or even lie down leisurely for that matter! My sleep spoilt, I decided to take revenge on these demons. I have the Electric Bat! The extra light that was inbuilt in the bat was a blessing in disguise. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! I didn't just swish the bat, but sort of vigilantly. Now, I don't mean to praise myself or so :P But vigilance is certainly important to annihilate them. The power came at 1 AM and that is when I slept. I had killed most of them by then. This war is never ending. It will happen every night till the season?! (there is no fixed season as to when these killers will come to the battle arena) is over. Ofcourse there are some basic measures to ward them off. Maintaining - Density of things in a room, Moisture content in the room, Surroundings etc; But I'd say that killing them is far more entertaining than maintaining. :P  LOL. I am not like being this evil person 'cause of the kill word used :D This battle is kind of an art and skill, if you come to think of it. Practice to the wrists, Vigilance, Timing and Aiming and of course perfection. You'll definitely smile to yourself at the cracker like sounds.

And last week, I received the 1000 Rs /- voucher for that Dabur contest sponsored by Indi and Dabur, one of the runner-ups. It was truly a wonderful moment. :)

Here is the link for that story: Elixir Of Life. Do give a read if you have the time :)

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