Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Who Will Cry When You Die ?

Nowadays blogging occasionally itself looks to be a distant dream, a little hard to achieve, owing to time constraints because of academic pressure. Therefore, there will be a certain degree of abeyance of blogging. The name of this blog, meant for others, is now literally showing to my face. I have to wait for some time before I could gather up my thoughts freely to make up a post. 

The title of this post is the name of the book written by famed leadership expert, Robin Sharma. My friend recommended it to read. Being a slow reader added to college stuff, it took a two months' time to finish it. Basically it is a book of 225 pages that motivates and inspires to very high levels. It contains 101 chapters interspersed with a bunch of quotations from world leaders, humanitarians and successful persons from all over the world, both alive and dead. It tells us how to lead a 'meaningful' life and by meaningful, I mean, to LIVE it happy truly.

 Most of us live life chasing after something - mostly fame or wealth. In the process of doing that, we miss out on the small, small things but which actually turns out to be the most  important memories of life - like for example - spending quality time with family etc; By the time we realise this thing, we would be standing on the fringes of death. The beautiful thing is, we all know this before, have read it elsewhere before in some other article or magazine. Nothing new here. But still, we choose to do the chasing part effectively, whether or not, we achieve the 'constantly changing' success target. After achieving that, we would be determined to succeed the next target.  The reason for this chasing and fast paced life is affected by many reasons such as competition, peer pressure, greed for things. Materialistic beings are what we all are turning too. It isn't completely bad. Only that we fail to come out of that trap to enjoy the more vital, true happy things. Time is only limited. Anyone who says life is all about memories, goodwill gained amongst people etc,. . . if you think about it, will most probably turn out to be the face of an old person. Because, he or she would have already faced life's struggles, chased beautiful things but missing out on the actually true happy things. The book wonderfully tries to make us see through this, before it becomes too late to lament about it.  The author shares his own experiences while telling us the life lessons. There were numerous moments when I kind of nodded to myself in mild surprise, to acknowledge the facts that were written. The book is simple yet engrossing. There was this this line I came across which was really wonderful. Though I don't remember completely, it came something like this.

Live your life the way you intend, don't let it live you.

There were many other lessons like taking risks, having your own me-time, priortising things, non-procrastination and many more. We will get motivated beyond limits. That is for sure. The hard thing is to follow these, reap the benefits and live life to the fullest!

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  1. yeah we have read and heard all these things from somewhere but still are we doing it right? hmm.. time to think.. book seems motivating.. nicely reviewed.


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