Saturday, 4 January 2014


My College had offered its students a long vacation, starting from December 21 to January 2, what with the last 'working' day being very memorable, on which, Mr.President visited here to inaugurate the new building for Commerce and Economics, and to have been one of the over 2500 people gathered as the audience.....well, it was a very surreal experience. I have never seen hordes of policemen patrolling the same area before and that too inside the College. Mobile phones of any kind were not allowed. Black material worn of any kind was not allowed (apart from shoes). However, I did not understand the logic behind this. I was asked to remove my black socks, leaving out the shoes. I hate it when my feet sweat. Who does! Thank goodness, the function took place for only an hour. After that memorable day, I was a free bird. I had gone to Pondicherry, my mother's native. Incidentally, I happened to participate in the Christmas celebrations at my relative's house. It was actually awesome, what with the chilly midnight weather, text-message cum call greetings from friends, delicious cake, prayers and decorations. 

This is actually a tradition done for 10 years and this was... like... the third time I was able to participate in it.
Below are some pictures that I captured.

On Christmas day , my cousins and I went to watch the afternoon show for "Biriyani"- a Tamil movie, that turned out to be a very good entertainer . After that, we had dinner at the Sunway GRT Grand, Pondicherry that turned out to be a not-so-good experience. It was one of those rare days where I laugh until my abdomen began to hurt. Below is the amazing hotel, all decorated for Christmas and below that is a plate of "Finger Fish" - instagrammed.

Before I sign off, let me wish you a very Happy and an Awesome 2014!


  1. Good that you enjoyed n had loads of fun during your holiday season.. God bless you Akash. Wishes :)

  2. Nice post and life's all about having fun..
    Wishing you a very happy new year


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