Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Package!

My tenth one ! :D

25 October
8:47 AM
The Cottage
San Francisco

The winter sun managed to pierce through the square, glass windows of my cottage house. I wanted to sleep for some more time. But it was already spoiled, thanks to the sun. Reluctantly, I threw the blanket away and took some time to come out of my sleepiness. Though, I was glad that it happened to be a sunday, therefore erasing the need to go for work, it was another hectic day as I had a particularly irritating assignment to finish. It was almost a month since my transfer from Chicago. I was not happy about the fact that I had to leave my wife for two months for this project. I came to San Francisco and rented the Cottage. Hardly a month, I was already missing my lovely wife. Rubbing my eyes, I then stretched my body which was my morning ritual.

The door bell rang suddenly, that sort of startled me, because I knew no one in this alien city, to come and knock on my door. I was relieved when I found it was just a delivery guy. I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it. For one, normally I don't receive parcels or packages, leave alone the occasional letters from the insurance companies or the banks. Another reason being, except my family, that is, my wife and parents and my close friends, no one else knew where I was staying in San Francisco. I spoke to my wife only two days back. Even if I were to receive a parcel, it would be informed to me beforehand. 

It was intriguing and confusing!

After thanking the guy and closing the door behind me, I went back to my desk and opened the parcel, with a sense of confusion. I was in for a quite a alarmed-worried-shock. As soon as I opened the parcel, the smell of blood and flesh struck my nostrils. Inside the package, I saw the very familiar black lace silk gown of my wife. The next thing I saw shook my body literally. I saw two CUT human fingers with blood still oozing from it. The sight shook my body because of unthinkable, unimaginable horrific resemblance it had!

I could not believe it!

It was my wife's index and middle fingers CUT with blood!

It was unmistakable. I have known those fingers for the past ten years since my schooling.!

It could not be! 

It should not be!

Oh God.....It must not be! My mind was clogged with alarmed fear and thoughts I feared, like a sinus.

Immediately I reached for the telephone beside my desk. I tried for my home, my parents' and my close friends' residence. Damn it! They chose now not to pick up the phone. I was half crying and half not-to-cry. With no more time to waste, I booked an American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Chicago. Thank God! There were a few seats available. I quickly packed a few clothes and some essentials. I caught the 12:05 PM flight and reached Chicago by 4:30 PM. 

5 Hours later,
4:55 PM
My Home

I scurried off the front porch to my home after paying the cab driver, without even bothering to retain the change. Tears were streaming were down my cheeks. Oh God! Nothing should have happened to her. 

The front door was open!

Was my home broken in by some murderer??!!

Nonetheless, my question was answered in the next two minutes.

I entered the living room, but found no one. With increasing panic gripping me, I ran to my bedroom and searched for my wife. NO ONE!

I searched the whole house but to no avail. No one was there!

I was just standing there, beads of frightened perspiration rolling from my temple, no thought striking me, on what to do next!

Suddenly, hand from nowhere gripped my shoulder.

I turned and let out a scream of shock.

"Advanced Happy Halloween, Honey!", exclaimed my wife.

For a moment, I was like a tree, rooted to the spot.

Then out of instinct, I slapped her hard on the cheek and then hugged her passionately and kissed her with a new batch of tears now rolling down my cheeks. But this was different. This was of happiness.

"I wanted you to come here, honey. I could never convince you to do that. So I thought, with halloween coming up, what better than giving you a scary experience and reason to come here", she said smiling incredibly. That beautiful smile he always loved!

"Don't you ever do that again", I said.

"Haha, I won't".

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  1. haha, for a moment I was reminded of this movie 'Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu'.. maybe the contents in the parcel acted as a reminder..
    anyways, gripping and interesting read :)


    1. Yea Ashwin, I did get that idea from the movie except it was not hanging in the front door .... Thank you :D

    2. haha.. anyways, congrats for the 'WOW!' post

  2. wow. such a gripping narration.. thought you started writing murder mystery for a minute. lol. it gave me a shiver with that bloody finger but then the climax was much relaxing. good one Akash. you should write stories more often :)

    1. Thank you so much Meera.....thought of it for a very long time :D

  3. Replies
    1. Haha....that was the effect I was trying to give... :) :P

  4. Oh my! that was some narration :D

    Excellent :)


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