Sunday, 17 November 2013

Troops March To The Refrigerator!

Lisa stretched her hands and legs, rubbing her tiny eyes to freshen herself. Lying in the warm and sufficiently dark place beneath the fridge, she saw the time in the clock hanging on the wall. It was 10 minutes to 11 PM.  More 20 minutes for the house lady to go upstairs for sleep.

"Oh my God!", Lisa thought to herself. "It's almost time. She would leave any moment." She could not forget that day in which the housewife separated her troop using a broom after they tried to take food from the fridge. At that time they had resided in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. It took almost a month for Lisa to find all the 200 members of the troop. Only then Lisa thought of the idea to move under the fridge on the stand on the inner side. That is where the lady won't sweep at all. There were many troops int he house but none of them were as active as they were. Most of the other troops collected their food elsewhere, occasionally sneaking in the cupboard. For Lisa's troop, it was always the fridge. ALWAYS THE FRIDGE! You know why? Because in Lisa's opinion, the fridge is a paradise land of food. And the beauty in it was that, all were found in the same place- from milk to meat, from chocolates to biscuits, from vegetables, fruits to juices. The only difficulty was in entering and exiting the fridge. Also the task must be done subtly, lest anyone related to the owner might catch them. But over the years, Lisa had mastered the task of sneaking out food items with great deftness yet filled with subtlety. Except that day when her troop was caught red handed after the lady came down again to check if every electrical device had been switched off.

In the starting, her troop stole food which was enough for a week. But as her popularity rose and became known all over the ant world. She was asked to steal food from the fridge for other troops. In return Lisa would ask/ recruit two more ants to ever growing troop. She started with 20 ants, all of them, her original family. In a period of five months, she managed to have a troop of 200 members.which is still growing. Lisa, now an expert in theft, with the combined effort of her skilled troop, takes hardly 20 minutes to steal a fruit, one piece of dairy milk, three biscuits and five grains of boiled rice. This was the most popular 'order' given by other troops since all these items in the list were almost available everyday in the fridge. The bigger the order, the larger was the troop to carry out that task. The movie series Oceans' Twelve, which she saw one day while the family was watching it, inspired her very much. Her plans had no flaws.

Usually, for an ordinary order, Lisa took 70-80 ants. In the ant society, Lisa was referred to as the Queen. Such was the respect given by the other ants. You might be wondering, when Lisa is this busy, how does she manage to provide for herself and her troop. Lisa doesn't have that problem at all, because she always keeps stock of stolen food in an undisclosed place in the big barrel in the store room. Her troop is is very fast, quick and also flexible.

Now looking at the clock, Lisa got up and gave a shrill cry. All the members of the troop were in attention mode instantly. She quickly called out her favourites- Billy, John, Rick and Lily. They too were experts like her. About fifteen minutes later, after the lady went upstairs, Lisa gave instructions to the selected 100 members for George's order. And thus, the heist began. The members refreshed themselves from the leaky pipe. The troop then marched to the refrigerator quickly and steadily as per Lisa's instructions. The troop carried five hard glass balls that Lisa had found in the garbage and penetrated between the rubber gasket and the inside, stretching themselves hard and the fridge opened with ease. After that, it was child's play for the troop as they formed groups and carried the food items ordered with fluid progress.

After the theft, Lisa gave the items to George who lived in the cupboard by 12 AM. To her amazement, in addition to 2 new ants. she was gifted 25% of the food. She went home happy.

Every story has a moral, right?
Well for this one:
Team work always pays.

The above was written for a creative writing contest at a city college culturals in Feb '13. But sadly, the people over there didn't even notify me of the results :( . Not much importance is given to this as they do for music and dance events. Two topics were given and any one should be selected and written. This one was- "Troops march to the refrigerator"- the world through an ant's eyes.


  1. It's a lovely story Akash...sad those people didn't give you credit! Well, I have something that will make you smile :)
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  2. interesting write up, Akash. it is indeed sad and irritating when they don't announce the results for any competition.. anyways, enjoyed reading :)


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