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Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer! - A late review!

Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer is a Tamil movie belonging to the romantic-drama genre. Though the movie released on Independence day, I got to watch it only a few days back. The title in Tamil means, "Therefore, Go Ahead and love". Like in my other reviews, I don't reveal the story line. This post just contains my thoughts on it.

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This movie came as a surprise because of the short running duration, a 106 minute movie filled with romance and drama. Usually movies go beyond the 150 minute barrier. So one can imagine the fast paced nature of the movie in this genre. That's what makes the movie not boring, else if it had dragged for more time, it would have won the award for the most boring movie of the year. Instead this movie won critical acclaim from various reviewers, especially for the excellent message it conveys.

The story is about two raging hormone filled teenagers in college who fall in love. Dot. What happens next, forms the rest of the story. If I tell more, I would reveal it. You should definitely watch this movie. Cinema is a wonderful medium that shapes and affects the conscience and habits and behaviour of all people. Some may be bad and some may be good. This movie is like a wake up call to both parents and teenagers. It portrays the present day relationships in general and how it affects the people around. It is certainly a must watch, especially for those contemporary teenagers who are in their 'so-called' relationships. Ofcourse, there are exceptions. Nevertheless, learning and being aware of the issue underlined in the movie will not hurt.

Coming to the movie directed by Suseentharan, the newbie actor Santhosh and actress Manisha Yadav have delivered good performances. The first 15 minutes was related to college stuff and no wonder I could relate to it and brought chuckles. I am not going to deny the fact that it does get a bit of boring in the middle of the movie. But you have to wait for it. The last 20 minutes is what you have to watch it for. Like Really!! Lots of change in emotions filled with sentiment and drama and revenge in this gap. And the highlight of the movie, that is worth watching for is Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score and songs. In the last 20 minutes I said, he had done a special emotional song which perfectly syncs with the situation. And the lyrics for that particular song brings heart-breaking emotions to the skin!

The last line that I would like to add is that, this movie is not a cliche of usual romance flicks. It is definitely an eye opener. My rating would be 4/5 (though I don't believe in it) because of the sole reason of the heart wrenching message and ending.


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