Saturday, 14 September 2013

Make Way For Lalitha!

Shopping is a thing to which many people are obssessed, particularly women (in most cases), I have seen and heard :P. Day by day, new products and things are being invented and the underlining thing is that, they are more luxurious rather being useful. This especially holds good for electronics. Man gets fascinated by the next, new and latest thing. Shopping in the olden times started with the barter system, where things and utilities were exchanged in Kind instead of money. Then came the introduction of gold and silver coins that were given in exchange of things. Then came the paper money. The shopping style has significantly changed from small shops, mobile shops to high end super markets and hypermarkets where you can get anything. More recently, the introduction of online shopping has made man even more lazy to gout and shop. He can just place an order on any article he wants to purchase, and BAM, it comes to his home within a few days. There are many online sites that are creating a buzz such as Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc. I recently even bought my Xperia mobile from Flipkart :). Ebay is the king of online shopping and has a range all over the world, while Flipkart has its hold only in India.

So as I was wondering how Shopping might change in the year 2030, I was sure about one thing. The shopping in the near future will have made man even more lazy. Here is my idea or say a kind of fiction of what shopping would be.

I know that the smartphone industry is revolutionising everything apart from from communication. So my idea revolves around a smartphone and an app (that works in android, apple, windows etc). Let's name that app as Lalitha :P I thought it out of the blue. Now, Lalitha is a voice controlled application exclusively designed and created for shopping.

Also by the year 2030, technology would have improved to the extent in which these apps can be accessed from any electronic device, be it Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Phablets and even a Watch. Maybe even Glasses that we wear on the eyes. Yes, all electronic devices would have become more smart and active than human beings! 

This app has multiple features. Besides giving a list of items that one wants to purchase and providing a list of online shopping sites that prices it cheap in the low-high order, it also has the feature to suggest what gifts could be bought for another person, be it a wedding or a birthday! You see, Artificial Intelligence, it is.

 Lalitha can understand any accent of English, even Indian (Coz she is Indian :P) and supports other world languages like Arabic, Spanish and Chinese etc; All the tasks can be done by talking but it can also be done manually incase the person feels Lalitha talks/knows too much :P. She has the functionality to scan a credit/debit card and pull out the required amount and pay it to the respective vendor. She is trusted very much. No Cheating. That is why she is popular all over.

Some Avatars
Desi girl
Indian Princesses
Contemporary Indian Girl

Lalitha has many avatars. You can choose whichever catches your eye ;) My personal favourite would be the Contemporary Indian Girl. The above images are googled and my idea of how Lalitha could be.You can even choose her accent - British, American or even Indian.

She can be accessed even from the smart screen available in vehicles. When the wife asks something to buy, the husband can order Lalitha by voice controlling, while he is driving. She can also scan the bar code which is found in product covers and can find the exact model name and the person can buy it. A family can live peacefully with no problems if they use Lalitha for shopping. Because, as I said, she is trusted and she informs every other active device if some family member makes a purchase. So kids or wife or the husband can't cheat in terms of money. Users can create an account in Lalitha and they can make it personal. She accepts a list of daily items that are used in the house. So, purchasing daily items is not an issue. They can be selected from "frequently bought" tab and sent to the nearest local market.

Yes, in the year 2030, I assume no one goes out to purchase. Everything is stored in godowns. Those godowns use Lalitha too. They get informed of the order placed from every person in the city with their respective address. No one would go out to restaurants too. Humans have become lazy. They can order food using Lalitha from their tablets and other devices. Lalitha also suggests some good restaurants according to the cuisine. So employment for delivering will go in the exponential!
Lalitha rocks because she can understand you and your needs and wants better.

This is the link to Ebay.
This post is fictional and written for the Indiblogger contest.
//Lalitha is a an app, created by some Indian mobile software engineers, exclusively for Indian people only for the purpose of shopping, who hit upon this idea. It is available and free in all the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc;)//


  1. uh..oh.. so Lalitha is that culprit who is going to make us even more lazy, huh? :(

    nice idea. :)

    1. Yea she is a culprit....But a culprit whom everyone will love :P ;)

    2. hey.. I am sharing my award moment with you... Enjoy.. my wishes.. :)

      have a great weekend.

  2. Haha..Lalitha effect is prevalent .:P

  3. Reading your post made me feel as if I am already in 2030 as I am actually doing most of things that you are talking about. :)

    Arvind Passey

  4. Oh! Quite similar to what I want but yours is super cool. Lalitha is rocking.

    Good luck, Akash!


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