Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beautiful People!

This is one of those posts where I am ranting to myself in my mind. The content of this post keeps playing in a loop in my mind. So I thought I could put an end to it, hopefully, by putting it into paper, i.e here. Don't bother to comment if you find it useless. It is more of a personal rant and experience. As a college student and a teenager, I guess, it is pretty normal to take interest in the opposite gender, talk about them etc etc; So two questions popped up in my head the other day. One was "What defines real beauty in contemporary world?". Well, it looks like outer beauty rather than inner beauty. Atleast according to the people surrounding me and my circle. People (generally) think that good looking people have good and ideal qualities, which usually is not the case. I am not saying all beautiful people are bad, just not usually. People judge others by their looks and don't bother to know further about the person. 

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The second question was, "Why do people (teens) yearn for beautiful looking people as their boyfriends/ girfriends?"

I was thinking real hard about this one in particular but could not find a clear and logical answer. The answer would be getting noticed/ praised/ recognised by other people or in some cases making their rivals jealous. Whatever. Still, it isn't logical. Again here people don't look for inner qualities (beauty) but just go by external looks. In many of the real-examples I know with a few exceptions, people (by people I mean college students like me) get into relationships that they term with words like "forever in love" or "made for each other" and stuff, when I personally know, that one guy/girl ain't that "great" to be in love, you know, character-wise. Another reason would be cinema showing beautiful actresses and hunky actors. Naturally the human mind imagines that its existence is real and expects a similar person in their own life. Giving false hopes is very bad!


 Funny, when I was thinking hard about the word beautiful, I was mouthing the same way like Jim Carey does in this video, with a sigh. 

"Appearances can sometimes be deceptive" - This is a saying which I really like because it is actually true in 99.99% cases (just a number). I have heard many people say and tell in a saintly tone that "What matters is the inner beauty and not the external", when they themselves crave for an Aishwarya Rai or a Hrithik Roshan. Can they be called hypocrites? hmm....In reality, but ironically, "most" people want others' appreciation instead of wanting themselves to be satisfied. Pretty ironic,eh? In the long term, Inner beauty matters. Indeed, we do want other people to compliment us for the girl/guy, he/she is committed to. I can't deny myself that. But that shouldn't become the only reason to live for. Our satisfaction is equally/ more important. 

Maybe people change!!?? after a certain age. Teenage is indeed a very complex, confusing yet amazing part of life. It is irritating yet awesome. 

As I said, some questions and thoughts are just stupid and useless that play in your mind from time to time. These can't be avoided. I am glad that I have blogged about it. It does give a sense of relief after attempting it.


  1. Nice post da! :)
    Totally agree with you on the second question :P

  2. Shallow people tend to stay shallow no matter what their age. And no matter what your age it is human nature to want to find your date/mate/spouse attractive. It is sad when anyone focuses on any one trait above all it beauty, brawn, brains, etc.

    1. Yes agreed. It is sad. Thanks for visiting this blog! :)

  3. Anyway, your're gonna do the same ...
    but nice one..


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