Thursday, 22 August 2013

Madras - 374 And Counting!

Chennai is 374 years old today. What started as a small settlement by the British East-India company along the south-east coast of India, Bay of Bengal, is now a ever-bustling, modern yet traditional metropolitan city.
Already, I have talked a lot about Chennai, especially through my A-Z challenge posts. Yet, I can't stop myself from talking about this city. From the irritating but exulting feel of bearing the unbearable Chennai heat, the ride in the earthquake-like-shaking share autos, bargaining with flower sellers and auto-kaarargal, quenching thirst from cool tender coconuts, water-melons, the road-side tea stalls selling hot Bondas to hot spicy biriyani, filter coffee, cotton candy, kolams to crowded railway stations, temples, mosques, churches, buses to star hotels, IT corridor and its people, Tanglish (Tamil+English) speaking people like myself, High-class English speaking people etc, to considerable amount of Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam speaking people, the city has many aspects that define it. Chennai is everything. It has seen 374 summers and monsoons. Madras -----> Chennai, though the name changed, many of its places and qualities still remain to this day. That fact heartens me. I wish 'her' a very happy birthday. And for her to be happy, we (citizens), her children, must continue and strive hard to protect and glorify her even more. There are still many problems that damage her such as traffic, sanitation, pollution etc; to name a few. According to me, the day when Cooum river looks and used like River Thames (just a wild thought), Chennai will be an even a greater beauty to look and enjoy to live in.

"Vandhaarai Vaazhvaikum Madras" - meaning that Madras - that gives life and sustenance to whoever comes to it, is a popular old song and Madras (Chennai) lives up to it. Even in my college, one could find students from all states of India and even overseas. No doubt, the city is becoming a hub for many activities like health, education, IT, automobile etc;

Since, it is Chennai's birthday, I thought of writing a review, err....sort of my thoughts on the recently released SRK starrer 'Chennai Express'. Interestingly, I watched this movie on the first day first show (Aug 9) which I have never done, even for a Tamil movie. In terms of money, this movie has been breaking and creating records till now. In terms of the movie, some sections of people are not happy with it, what with the plenty of  'supposed' stereotypes that appear repeatedly in the movie. For a starter, Deepika's Tamil is horrible. Surprisingly, even the Tamil of some of the original Tamil actors was kind of choked and not clear. Now I am not finding faults in the movie. Just saying, if they want to show a Tamil heroine and family and village, they could have worked out a little harder.

While some people found it hard to digest, I was amused and all of the non-Hindi dialogues spoken by the lead actors brought chuckles in me. The movie was entertaining in overall, nothing more and nothing less. Some scenes were really funny, like the helpless situations of SRK. It could be watched once. Luckily there were subtitles, and my friend (who is a SRK fan) told me there were many scenes aka spoofs from SRK's own earlier movies, that I didn't get (like the initial train scene) since I haven't watched any. Well, that was a bummer. But I myself noticed some familiar scenes from other regional movies.

Apart from the fact I got disappointed because I didn't see Chennai in the movie, when I expected it to, the Lungi dance that came during the credits of the movie, again, which was interesting, created a tension. Some people said SRK was following some cheap tactics in the name of Lungi and paying tribute to Rajinikanth. I don't know what they kept in mind, when they attempted this, but all I kept thinking was, what the relation could be between Lungi and Rajinikanth. Because, I have never seen Rajini clad in a lungi. Never. Maybe they wanted to relate Chennai? I don't know. But I know this. It was a weird combo :P
Go watch the movie with no notions and no thoughts and in a light way. You will be entertained and definitely not bored.


  1. Very interesting and informative post on Chennai!

  2. Dunno why you didn't like the movie... i loved it! :D a good entertainer it was! At Least it was better than some stupid movies like 'ek tha tiger' and 'jab tak hai jaan'!

    1. I didn't say I don't like the movie. It was good entertainment. :) Thanks Bushra

  3. this is really an interesting post to talk about the city. throughout the read, i had big smiles and few chuckles too. and ya, i dint like Chennai Express that much mainly cos of the casting. you have done a nice review :)

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Wow nice information, didnt know that Madras was that old

  5. A pleasant write up about a place I've fond memories of! Happy weekend!

  6. Information really good. This is really an interesting post.

    From - Jhon, Chennai flowers


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