Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Trip To Remember!

In my 9th grade at school, a tour was announced to Kallar, a small hill town located near Mettupalayam (Coimbatore). Obviously, we were thrilled about it, since it was the first time we would be out of Chennai, away from parents and also school. Just the idea of 'vacationing' with friends
My eighth!
was enough to get us excited. But it goes without saying that, at first, my parents were reluctant to send me alone on a trip to a place which is more than 450 kilometres away from Chennai. Again, it goes without saying that, my friends convinced and persuaded subtly to allow me to go :D. Atlast the D-Day arrived (for us). The journey from home to Central station was filled with instructions from my dad. One of them was not to put my hand out the window. Now why would I put my hand out.....Only a crazy person would do that!! -_- . Till the time the train took off, I was drenched in a rain of advice and instructions. As soon as the train took off, I felt a new sense of freedom, not that till then I was jailed or something, but when you are alone for the first time, you do get a feeling of it.

Kallar scenary
That night was epic. We really didn't have the mood to sleep. We were just chatting and gossiping about school and stuff, listening to songs in mp3 player (Those who had it were snatched off it and fidgeted with - coz it was sort of a luxury back then :P). We finally went to sleep around 12:30 am after the corresponding teacher escorting us told us off. We woke up early too, the train was still in motion, nearing Coimbatore, the atmosphere still dark and pleasantly cool, a respite from Chennai's heat. Everything was organised perfectly, my school excelled in that, though they are a bit kanjoos (miser) :P - the proof for that coming below :P. The headcount was done at frequent intervals. We boarded the bus from Coimbatore to Kallar. As soon as we reached there, we were escorted to restaurant, where breakfast was already waiting for us. We devoured the food like wolves, except the food was not meat.

Mountain- rather- Hill climbing
 Our class was in for a shock.The accomodation for boys and girls were to be in separate hotels, it was planned before, alright. But we were flabbergasted when we came to know from the girls that their accomodation was far more luxurious than ours. They had air-conditioners. :( The more worse thing was that my class (20 boys) were dumped in one single room, with no bed et al, and only one bathroom cum toilet. Now you can imagine what we did for answering 'nature's call'. It was impossible. There was reservation, standing in queue and cheating too. I skipped bath for one day and the next day, I managed to ask my escort sir's permission to use his, early in the morning. But in a way, that single room was an enjoyment in disguise. We were together, chatting, pulling pranks and each others' legs, dancing, playing 'paper ball' cricket, not allowing others' to sleep after lights off, apart from the small quarrels for the toilet seat. The first day, afternoon, we went for trekking.

We admired the scenery and took photos at many places. It was a natural visual treat. We went for river crossing, hill climbing etc; The air was cool, so the fatigue was not felt that much. The boys and girls met during the activities and for food but we went in separate tracks for trekking. The nature was pristine and wildly beautiful. Plenty of spots for photo shoots.

A monkey feasting on our left over feast :P

Some flower - it looked different

Smoke in a Mountain

The last night of our stay, all the classes met and we had a camp fire and had a dance and music show, grooving to it wild and crazy. The teachers and students danced in a rare event. It was splendid and we were all smiles. And of course the food was great with the main delicacy North Indian.

As you can see in the picture, there is smoke. That was a forest fire. Atleast that's what we assumed. What else could it be. Interestingly, it was a sight to behold, no, I am not meaning it in an evil way, just the picture. Nature is important and we must protect it. I know that.

The return journey to Chennai was during the day. We played cards and chess, played dumb-charades and anthaakashri. I did not like the sudden heat waves radiating as we entered Chennai. I was sure feeling unhappy the trip ended in a flash. The fun and unity and gossip we had was epic.

However, things changed with time. After entering college, most of my school mates lost touch. Though we were virtually connected in facebook and all, we hardly have meet-ups. Very rare. Another reason that hindered our re-unions, we were in different colleges, some in Chennai and some out. Blame the college :P
Wish I could relive those days again.

Aah.....Indeed, Those were the best days of my life!

Ship that never sinks is FRIENDSHIP.....Never gets old ! \m/

And to all my blogger friends: Happy Friendship Day! :D

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  1. wonderful write up.. you took me thru your journey to kallar with fun n excitement. and yes. i know.. those were the days.. sigh..!

    1. Thanks Meera :) Yes...those days were really fun...wish it was the same :/

  2. Just today I was discussing school trips with someone and remembering all the fun. Of course in my case there were only girls so the scope for discrimination was zero :P :P

    I was thinking we could all discuss our posts on blogadda wow forum, what say?


    1. Lol....yes there was partiality to the girls :@ :P I didn't know that adda had a forum for WOW....thanks for stopping by :)

  3. these trips with the class are always the first time away from parents as a foretaste of freedom
    beautiful journey

  4. Well written. I had such memories from my own school days too...



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