Friday, 5 July 2013

WAIT FOR IT turns 1 today!

The same day, last year, I started this blog. I feel really happy that this has turned out great and pretty awesome. I found many new friends, some local and some from other parts of India......and a few (if not many) dedicated readers who read my posts even if it is a boring one... :D

And today WAIT FOR IT! is a one year old baby. In this one year, I have learned many things. It goes without saying that there is the presence of back-scratching here. :P Also there are some blogs which are truly amazing, to the extent that I remember to visit their blog every time their new post arrives. In reality, I would love to read the posts in Indivine but can't for two reasons, firstly I am a little lazy and secondly, to be frank, even when I try to read a post, it destroys my mood, since that particular post happens to be irritatingly very long. So then I close it and decide to read another day. But then I read my favourite blogs from time to time without fail. :)

Having successfully completed a year in blogging, which I can't believe I have, I hope to continue my rants, posts, memoirs, comedies and issues in this online portal of mine. To get my blog's updates, you can either subscribe as you can see in the side, else you can like the facebook page. A very big thanks to my dedicated readers and of course Indiblogger, Blogadda, Google+, Facebook without which I couldn''t have acquired them.

It so happens that this post is my 75th. :) 


Don't leave without your comments. I Wait-For-It !


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