Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Back to College!

It has been more than a fortnight since College started. Nothing has distinctively changed in there. One thing to rejoice is the entry of new courses and new teachers. It does seem a little monotonous to have the same teacher teaching. Sadly, from this semester, attendance checking has become more stringent. Even if a student takes a leave for a day for a genuine reason (which usually isn't), he is blasted off the next day by the teacher. Prior informing must be done. Else he must meet the HOD with parents. Thankfully, these rules change from department to department. Mine is not that harsh.

Whatever the rules be, this does not stop students from bunking classes :D. Going home early is a wonderful feeling, only that, it is at the expense of a very boring period (1 hour attendance). Though I am officially a senior, I haven't got the opportunity to show it off to a first year. Hopefully I get it one day.

Last year was a bit irritating for me in terms of competitions. I participated in 'creative writing' and 'blogging' in two different colleges. Winning was not a thing for me. But, I wasn't even notified of the results....of who won the contest. Maybe the contest wasn't considered big or maybe I wasn't alert, I do not know. But this time, it won't be the same. I felt like a fool having participated in it and not informed. Many things are on the to-do list. Like, getting my driving license soon, participating and winning contests (both online and offline), watching different movies, socialising and finding new friends and ofcourse blogging on the side etc;

There are many new things lined up for this year at college. For example, there is this initiative called Outreach, (one of the departments at college) through which students of Loyola College help the people living in the slums of Chennai. It is the first of its kind, I don't know whether in India or Tamilnadu. It is mandatory to complete 120 hours in a year, else no pass. I am looking forward for it. And there will be a series of posts in which I would share my experiences with pictures. I have the role of reporting on whatever we (our team) do that session. A perfect one, I had say. :)


  1. interesting write up Akash.. so your blog is gonna flood with more posts this season.. well am looking forward to read your picture stories :)

    All the best for your outreach and socializing ;) :p

  2. reminded me of my college days dear Akash although attendance was mandatory but surely outside the college campus ... :) In Kolkata we call it Aadda - a group of chit chatters :D

  3. The start of term is always awesome! Fun-masti and a bit padhai! Awesome post! :)

  4. I started my third year today! And these new rules they suck!
    And hey they really dont take these blogging and writing contests seriously. It happened in my college that they had conducted this competition and the results were not declared. :/
    Sadly I can only hope for things to get better :)
    And looking forward to the posts :)
    Nice write up :D It was like a reflection of what was on my mind earlier today :D

    1. Well....we must protest against this injustice. :P afterall it's the only contest I go for..... This time I won't be silent!!

  5. It's really true and the same case for me too :) In addition they conduct daily tests for 25 marks in my college. And students who get below 20 must stay for evening classes on the same day :( Fortunately i escaped for a week, but it's gonna really affect my blog if i fail :( But i have hope :) And that's making me to get rid of those worries.

    You expressed our feelings in a very best way da. This article is really an awesome. Happy Blogging da... :)

    1. Thanks da :D hope for the best *thumbs up* :)

  6. Lucky guys you are being in Loyolo... You get so much exposure to LIFE!! (y) nice post once again!!


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