Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Have Something To Tell You!

My Seventh One!! :D

" I have something.......... to tell you, "

The man merely whispered, lying down,

Unable to move a limb even an inch,

Trapped under the monstrous branch of tree,

Covered with wet grime and debris all over,

Ravaged by starvation that is drilling his stomach,

Being on the same spot for two days,

He couldn't tell if it was day or night,

His eyes were half-open, 

And mind was in a spinning vortex,

His pain in the exponential limits,

Clothes torn and face contorted,

With high dosage of agony and worry.

He continued to whisper,

Looking at the dark sky,

Or so he thought,

" And if you are true ......pray, ....... listen to my words,

All I wanted, was milk for my little girl ".

A trickle of tear oozed out of his eye.

He couldn't cry out loud,

For his throat was far beyond dry.

" I don't think I can do anything now.

All I want is that my little girl Anu and my dear wife should be alright,

Have mercy on them atleast! 

Anu must be hungry.....She must be crying....oh...oh...oh..."

More tears trickle and wet his cheeks. 

" I am very sorry, Anu...

I have let you down.

Hope you forgive me.....


His chest heaved upwards for a final time.

And then 

All over!

By now, you must have guessed it. Yes, it is from the perspective of a victim of the recent Uttarkhand flood disaster that has been merciless. :(

This poem is fictitious.

Spare the amateurish poetry :)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. 


  1. Beautiful poem Akash!! :) :) very heart touching! :)

  2. you brought out the agony so well.. very moving poem. quite lyrical too. brilliant. :)

    1. Oooh...was it lyrical? I didn't think so...Thanks Rat :D

  3. intense !! who knows whose story ... may have narrated..amid the crowd .. giving up in front of Mighty Death .. riding the horse of the flood and devastation !

    1. Yes....We don't know....Hope everything comes back to normal soon !!

  4. This poem is so touching and intense. :)

  5. Uttarakhand is weighing on all our minds.

  6. this is a very touching reflects reality of the recent tragedy..nicely written, conveys the pain well


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