Friday, 3 May 2013

A-Z Experience!

Hi Friends!

Phew! That was one helluva (wanted to use this word once for fun) Challenge. Initially I thought of taking up the Challenge and did register for it. But as April approached, I suddenly wanted to withdraw from it, what with the surprise holidays I got, due to the protests held all over Tamilnadu, hence my mind got kind of distracted. I was prevented from making such a decision because of a blogger friend but the irony is that person hasn't completed the challenge still. :P But I did :D.

Fortunately, I had already decided on the theme and the corresponding topics for the letters. Believe me, half of the job was done with that. But still, it was difficult to manage. The month of April was very hectic for me, thanks to the two tier examinations- the first being a Unit test sort of thing and the second being the semester exams (ending on May 6).

 To tell the truth, I enjoyed the starting of the challenge, like for the first 15 letters or so. Then the job began to be tough and not-enjoyable. Also another thing I noticed was the lack of my "unique" touch that usually comes with my posts. Am I bragging? :P Hehehe. What I meant was, I usually spend some time on each and every post. But in this challenge, as the letters advanced, my time spent on it became less. In particular, the last 4-5 letters were like, "Oh I must finish this thing as soon as possible". All thanks to the exam pressure :/
It was not as if it I am going to win something. The least penalty could have been removal of my blog's name.
But satisfaction of completing something is always within me. I also felt kind of guilty of not visiting people's blogs who visited mine. Even when I visited, I was totally put off by the length of the post. Gosh, they were too lengthy. I just closed it and didn't visit any more blogs. I didn't have time for myself, first. In this midst, visiting others' seemed to be far-fetched. Atleast the back-scratching (learnt this word from the Blogger Confessions) should be meaningful and justifiable :P.

I don't know if I will participate in this challenge again, next year. But if I do so, all posts should be completed with scheduling before April, so that I can get time to read others' blogs and appreciate it more. In short, Planning. Well, the distance is too much between me and planning. I plan a lot, but nothing succeeds.

But on the whole, it was a fulfilling experience to blog about Chennai. I tried to not make my posts like a tourist would. I gave it a slice of my opinion, views and perspective of it. :)

I am back and will read your blogs shortly, next week. Wait For It. :)

Those of you who are interested in reading my posts and who are interested in knowing a slice of Chennai can do so by clicking on A-Z challenge tab below "WAIT FOR IT" picture. :)

My personal favourite is the post for Q - Quintessential Chennaite.

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  1. Wonderful and well done. Proud of your dedication and perseverance.

    Joy always,

  2. That was kinda hectic challenge i agree! My mind is jam-packed with all those posts zooming in from every corner of blogoversary :) My blog really missed your valuable comments :)......and here is a big CONGRATS for completing the biggest challenge of blogoversary A-Z really! How did you manage it Akash! :)

  3. congrats!!! even i completed too...but i was too fatigued to visit or comment on other blogs, maybe ur're right all posts shud be planned before, and not written at deadline....anyways it was indeed a helluva experience !!!

  4. I want to publish an article on your website contact me.

  5. well done, thambi.. i can see that it was one helluva experience for you.. now you are free from the challenge but i guess one more exam for you to complete and relax... congrats.. and all the very best to your final paper :) have a great sunday...

  6. WOW.. WEll done.. Congratulations are in order!!

  7. well done and congratulations for completing the A-Z race !!
    Results may not but efforts always show us our real worth- Jack(ed) Roberts :)


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