Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U --- Udhavum Karangal!

This name might hard for you to pronounce, no doubt. It is a Tamil word which translates to "Helping Hands". Udhavum Karangal is an helping organisation set up in Chennai, headed by the good man
Mr. Vidhyakar. It is a social service organisation aimed at helping orphans and destitutes.

This amazing organisation was started in 1983 by Mr. Vidhyakar. While I was a baby, my parents registered my name as a donor. Whenever there are excess clothes or toys or books or whatever it may be, my parents ensured they donated to the organisation. This is a very good thing. Charity. However, I haven't gone to that place. In the future I must do so.

And another thing. Each year, on my birthday, a post comes from the organisation wishing me :)
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This motivates us to donate even more apart from cash.

The organisation houses almost 2000 unfortunate people ranging from newborn babies to old age women and men. :(

Thankfully it does an excellent job in caring for these people. We, the people must do something for these people. They are in a pitiful state. Instead of sympathising, we must empathize and think from their place. If you start empathizing, then you won't hesitate to help these people. Moreover, the old clothes and toys are not going to be necessary to you once you have used it. Atleast, lend them to some orphan boy and see the smile spread in his face. Trust me, a wonderful feeling comes within you. I am not telling that people don't donate et al. What I am attempting in this post is to urge even more people to help, help, help :)

You too, if you are coming to Chennai or living in it please do give in your donations.
After all, what you give is what you get :)

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