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R --- Rajinikanth and Rahman!

For the letter R, these two personalities are the most apt people I could think of :). These two people are considered as cultural icons and the most awesome and popular in their respective fields. While Rajinikanth is considered as the SUPERSTAR of movies, AR Rahman is considered as the Mozart of Madras.

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You must know about Rahman. I needn't say about him if you knew that he won two academy awards (oscars) for his wonderful music in the film Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny boyle. The movie did go on to many different awards. Rahman also did the music for Boyle's next 127 hours. But I personally feel that Rahman created some awesome and magnificent music in his previous Indian movies which are far better than the oscar winning movie. The music composer also has done music for hindi movies and other regional languages. Rahman is known for his experimental music. He has won a great number of awards. For more on Rahman, click Here. Also he has the nickname "Isai Puyal" (translated Music storm) apart from Mozart of Madras.

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Rajinikanth is an actor who has primarily acted in Tamil movies but also has done roles in other languages too. I am just going to put it there. Rajinikanth is like a God to the people here. Yes, seriously. He is the highest paid actor in Asia only after Jackie Chan. He is truly the Superstar (his another name) of cinema. Every actor has his/her own fans but everyone is a fan of Rajini. No one can refuse to fall in love with his Charisma and Flamboyance. Style cannot be defined better than him. Every movie of his has become a blockbuster with the exception of a few. He has a large fan following in Japan after the people over there watched his movie Muthu. Everyone out there is crazy about him. Though sadly, he hasn't won that much awards. But who cares about it. He is respected and there are people who literally will do anything for him. That is more important, right? Another reason people love him is that Rajini is known for his simplicity and spiritualness. For more on him, click Here

Both of these amazing people did not have a good childhood. Both of them have struggled to come to the place they are right now. While Rahman was born and brought up in Chennai, Rajinikanth is a native of Bangalore and came to Madras where he proved his mettle as an actor.

The great thing about these stars is that even after they have achieved tremendously, have a staggeringly large  number of fan and respected by people all over India, they are humble and simple.


  1. Rajni.. Rahman.. Rocks..!!!

  2. Even though I'm not up with popular culture, even I have heard some of A R Rahamn's work - and loved it! I'm glad to learn of Rajini and hope to see some of his work soon.

    Thanks and happy A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima's blog

  3. It's great to see people from India doing well, and their movies getting more recognition these days.


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