Friday, 19 April 2013

Q --- Quintessential Chennaite!

Who is a quintessential citizen of Chennai city?

Well, frankly, this is quite a difficult question. For the fun of it, I brought this topic to discuss and wonder about who could be a typical example of Chennai.

To facilitate this, I come up with some common things that I feel, every Chennaite must possess.

1. He/She must know atleast a little bit of Madras Baashai (Madras Tamil Slang). Madras Baashai is a little different from the standard Tamil prominently used by people of Madras.
2. Born in Madras.
3. Know most of the routes and roads in Chennai city.
4. Should have watched one or more Rajinikanth movie (Rajinikanth is an actor which is coming
                                                                                       up for the letter R).
5. Must have practiced or know about or atleast listened to Carnatic Music.
6. Should know about Cooum. Hahaha LOL.
7. Must have seen the dance staged in front of a moving death procession. (No, I am not kidding)

From the above, I think I qualify to some extent for the tag of Chennaite. But the one section of citizens, in which every person qualifies for the tag are Automen :) (in my opinion).

Auto men are classic and I admire them for the usage of bad words in Tamil with such style. It is just like Al Pacino says the F-word in the movie Scarface. :D

Have a nice day folks!


  1. This was quite interesting. Enjoyed learning something I truly did not know. Have a great weekend! I'm a fellow A to Z challenger.

  2. you forgot to mention the quintessential of chennaiites is knowing well on how to bargain with those 'classic' auto men.. . haha.. nice post, thambi. :p

  3. Nice post:) Now i can recognize a Chennaite more easily :p

  4. Nice list. One thing I can add is "Being fanatic about their superstars - each Chennaiite will belong to one group supporting either Rajini, Kamal, Vijay or Ajit' and 'Being fanatic about CSK'

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  6. heyy,,great post..

    may be we can follow each other....


  7. Is the 7th point true?

    Auto drivers are like that everywhere, I guess :P

    1. The dance before the procession is quite unique in Chennai...
      It is very ironic to say this but it is actually fun and interesting to watch this dance :P


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