Thursday, 18 April 2013

P --- Pondy Bazaar!

Pondy Bazaar is a very big market located in Chennai in the area called T Nagar. It is exclusively famous for shopping. It is a host to all kinds of shops ranging from Dress and attire, food items, footwear, plastics, stationary to fruits & vegetables, sweets & savouries, jewellery, vessels, electronics, watches and all kinds of consumer goods. 

People of Chennai throng to this place for a reason. The prices here are relatively cheap but the bazaar also houses Brand Showrooms. It is not wrong t exaggerate that almost more than quarter of Chennai's population roam the place from day to night. This district is always crowded and the traffic becomes a mess at peak hours. However this has been improving in the recent years.

At the eve of festival days, the district is packed. I have had many a experience in this Bazaar when my mom goes for shopping and I carry the bags for her. It would be both irritating and good. At the end of shopping we go to a popular bakery where we refresh ourselves from the Shopping fatigue. 

However that was when I was a kid. Nowadays I don't visit it and ask my mom to do shopping for me also :P. 

The important highlight of Pondy Bazaar is the platform shops. Without them Pondy Bazaar wouldn't have that much crowd. Our people, prefer to do shopping from the shopping vendors, who generally sell toys, books, edible snacks, dress materials, innerwear, plastic stickers and toys etc; Therefore this explains the crowd. 

There is a risk of people losing their valuables as there are a lot of petty pickpockets around this area, lurking somewhere to snatch from busily shopping people. So be careful ! 

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