Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O --- Old is Gold!

For the letter O, I am gonna post only pictures :) What pictures? Pictures of old monuments and wonders that are present in Chennai even now.

Image source: wikipedia
This Indo-saracenic white beauty is the offical house of the Corporation of Chennai. Designed and completed in 1913 by Loganatha Mudaliar and named after Lord Ripon, the then Governor General of British India, the Ripon Building is situated on the same road as the Chennai Central (see here).

Image source: Fort St. George
This is the Fort St. George, the first English fort in India, built in 1644. The fort played a major role in the development of Madras (Chennai). This beauty is another magnificent structure.

Image source: wikipedia
This is the Government Museum of Chennai City, the second oldest (1851) in India and one of the largest in Asia.

This again was built during the British Raj times in the Indo-saracenic style.

Have a nice day folks! :)


  1. :D Lovely and yes Old is certainly gold. I miss the old world charm of Madras.

  2. Nice post !
    Great going

    Keep smiling

  3. Nice write up.. but if you have managed to click and uploaded your personal snapshots, it would have been even more special. Great going. :-)


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