Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N --- Nungambakkam!

My capture: From the median in the NGM High road 
This is yet another area in Chennai city. Actually if you search for Chennai in google maps, it would point to a certain place in the city. That "certain place" is Nungambakkam. It is like the heart of Chennai. Like the heart it is very much busy and always bustling. Nungambakkam is also a very developed area compared to the others. It is a prime residential area and is a host to abundant important and famous buildings and complexes including my Loyola College, Women's Christian College :P, Valluvar Kottam, SDAT Tennis stadium and Regional Passport office. Nungambakkam also houses some consulates such as the Korean and Austrian ones.

My capture: NGM railway station, This is where
I get down  for college
What is the reason to mention about this area?
Well, the word food brings a smile in me. When I say food, I mean restaurants. The most number of restaurants including some Star hotels are found in Nungambakkam. But sadly, I have gone to only a few. Restaurants like KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza corner, Pizza hut, the Park, the Taj Connemara, some concept Italian and Greek restaurants among the local South Indian ones line this road.

Also the roads around Nungambakkam like Sterling Road and Haddows Road are very old (Yes, you should have guessed from the English names). An amazing feature is the presence of trees on both sides of road, which is a rarity in a busy Metropolitan area. Apart from restaurants, there are also many showrooms like Adidas, Reebok etc;  All in all, Nungambakkam is a mini-city inside Chennai.

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  1. my next stopping.. nice write up.. :-) have a great day

  2. The KNK Road in Nungambakkam houses the max restaurants. It's not for nothing that I call it kazhudha nenacha kutti chuvar road :P

  3. The survival of trees despite the rapid urbanization is what makes Nungambakkam special! :)


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