Saturday, 13 April 2013

L --- Loyola College Church!

Loyola Church- Image source: Wikipedia
Loyola College is one of the top 10 educational institutions in the country, famed for its Arts and Science courses. Also it is the college in which I am studying :D. It is a Jesuit institution serving for Christian minorities in particular but also accept students from other religions too.

Before I move on, First let me tell about the beauty of my college. Yes, it is the Church is the picture. As you can see, it is just awesome. I know nothing of architecture but something about this magnificent structure makes me gaze it whenever I walk on the pebble strewn side-path. Even while I am travelling by train, when it enters the station alongside the platform, I could see the apex of the Church. It is an amazing feeling to see the cross towering above all the others in the near vicinity atleast.

The College grounds are vast for a city college. The thing I love about this college is the green cover it encompasses in and around the campus. Chennai's heat would not be felt if I come inside the campus. There are numerous trees present inside the campus with some cross breeds too.

Though, still I didn't get the right time to visit it yet. The Church hosts Mass prayers each month and also during festivals.


  1. One of the best colleges in Chennai.Nice write.

  2. O that is sooo beautiful! Lucky you! Thank you for showing it to us!

  3. Nice picture . feels pleasant looking at it .

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  4. Beautiful, I think I would say it's Gothic in style, reminds me of The Mormon Temples here in this country. Always very elaborate and tall spires of white against the blue sky. a-z


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