Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H --- Hot and Humid!

Yes, that is the climate that best describes my Chennai. There are two main seasons : Summer and the monsoon. There is also winter but it is only for a short period of time. I agree that most people in India don't like Chennai owing to the weather it experiences. But we Chennaites have got used to it. Being close to the sea and lying some what closer to the equator, Chennai experiences moderately hot and humid climate. In the months of December, January and February the weather is pleasant.

After all, Hot is just another type of climate and we must learn to enjoy it, unlike certain people who have stupid pre-conceived notions. I agree, at first the heat is unbearable. This post aims at giving some tips on how to enjoy your time in Chennai.

1. Wear light clothes. Some people have no dressing sense. They think they are in America and wear layers of clothing. *Facepalm*... fashion it seems.

2. Cotton is must preferred and useful in here. Synthetic will burn your skin.

3. Carry adequate water bottles and if possible wear a pair of sunglasses. It really helps from glaring.

I think that is about it. Stop in a nearby juice shop and buy a fresh fruit juice. That is what I do.  Atleast Chennai is not that hot as the Arabian countries. An interesting piece of info: People in TamilNadu, for centuries have been wearing Dhotis (men) and Sarees (women) etc; This is the most comfortable kind of clothing to wear in this weather. Our elders follow something for a reason. But hardly any people understand that. What once was worn everywhere, even while travelling, is now looked down and now worn only for traditional functions and in some cases inside house. This list includes me also. One possible reason is influence from the Western world (no offence).

That is all for the day. And oh, before I sign off, I want to add another thing too.
I think Sarees are the most beautiful, sexy dresses made for women (no straps or gowns or coats or chudidhaars or anything). Yet they exuberate of dignity and respect. :)


  1. I surprise people in US walking around in single layer round neck shirts and shorts at 2 or 3 deg Celsius. Really miss the heat and humidity over here.

  2. Bharani, you actually miss the heat and humid. I can imagine that it is very cold there but still how can you miss the heat? I won't I reckon.

    Akash, I like the way you own Chennai but the heat is a sure put-off and that's the reason I like the months from October to January in Chennai.

    I liked what you wrote about the saree ;)

    Joy always,

  3. Loved your post Akash, very well said about the dressing sense of Chennai. At 5 degrees they can wear blazers, Jeans, and Synthetic chudidaars but not in 35 degrees of Chennai heat.

    When ever I visit Chennai, I tend to wear cotton chudidaars, skirts and Sarees. But I always get these comments from friends and cousins "are you really from London" "nejamavae nee London lenthu than vanthiya" ;)

  4. I was in chennai for 5 years and the climates were just cold, mild and hot summers.

  5. Very Hot in Mumbai too. Tips applicable in Mumbai too.

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