Monday, 8 April 2013

G --- Gandhi Mandapam and Guindy Park!

Everyone in this world knows Mahatma Gandhi. He was the main man who helped in getting independence for India following his famous non-violent and civil disobedience movements. Mandapam is nothing but another word for memorial. This memorial is situated in one of the important roads (Sardar Patel road) in Adyar, just near to Anna University and Guindy national park. The memorial is surrounded with lush grass.
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But apart from Gandhi's memorial which was built in 1956, there are also Rajagopalachari's (India's first governor general after Independence) memorial, Kamaraj's (TamilNadu's first chief minister).

The  place does not really have anything to see but inside the memorial there are many paintings around the wall, along with certain writings and incscriptions. The place gives a sense of calm to you. If you are interested in history and a nice place to learn do visit this memorial.

Entrance of park: My click
Also visit the nearby Guindy National Park which is one of the few national parks situated inside the city itself. I recommend you to go to this place. It is awesome. Essentially, this area in the city has got the maximum green cover and many animals can be found such as spotted deer, emu, Indian peacock etc;

The park is really beautiful and the thing about it is it provides a totally different refreshing atmosphere than the city's hot one. I can talk about it more and believe me I want to, but I can't afford to destroy your patience :) Have a good day!


  1. short and quite an informative post. never been to these places :( will be going soon. keep up your good work :-)

  2. Lovely! Reminders of beautiful things of the past. Maybe CBC'ers should meet up at the Park, imagine what an inspiring backdrop for ideas it would provide! :)

  3. Good one!
    Especially after been taken to field trips to guindy park n number of times :D

    Keep smiling,


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