Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B --- Bombardment Of Madras!

I couldn't come up with a topic for B for a long time. This one seemed to interest me and I am sure it would interest you too. Most people in Chennai themselves are unlikely to know about this. I, myself, knew only the gist (just that Madras was once bombed) of the topic. Only recently, I learnt the whole story. Yes, the title says it all. Chennai was bombarded once upon a time. This bombardment happened during the world war I, initiated by the german light cruiser Emden on the 22nd night of September of 1914.

Oil tanks on fire. Image source: wikipedia

The Emden ship commanded by Captain Karl von Muller, upon whose orders, fire was opened at the large oil tanks present in the then Madras Harbour. After that, a merchant ship was targeted next. Casualties were mainly from that ship. Many sailors and part of the crew were either injured or killed. By the next half hour the British responded but the Germans escaped. Thousands fled the city.

To tell the truth, there is little information available on this topic. This post is largely sourced from wikipedia.
The reason I wanted to share this post was to spread the news that Chennai had once been attacked by a foreign nation. We have seen that only in Hollywood movies, till now. Well, mostly. It is kinda amazing also weird to know that my city was also attacked by a ship. We would never think that it could happen to us.


  1. I loved the way you concluded !
    Keep writing.

    Keep smiling,

  2. True that! As they say, Truth is stranger than fiction!

  3. Interesting choice of topic...and did not know much about this before...good one!

  4. Thank you for this interesting post. I wonder if this isn't more written about in e.g.novels by Indian writers of this time?

  5. I have read about this before. Shantaram and Vincent from CBC can provide more info on this. Do ask them.

    Joy always,

  6. Hello again, and such a shame wars....I wish they would all end and everyone would just stop and get along with one another! A very educational post! Thank you! www.sandysanderellasmusings.blogspot.com

  7. Irony, and thankfully, we have never been bombed after that

  8. Same, same. I have heard but just now I read the Wiki article. Oh your posts are informative! :)


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