Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Art of Copying!

Pre.S: This article is just for fun purposes and does not offend anyone in particular or bear resemblence to anyone. Reading and following it at your risk! :P 

Last week, I had exams continuously for 6 days. As usual, our students (not me!) apparently 'don't like' to study much, because you know that is what defines a college student. Don't think low of copying, guys. It may be illegal to practice it but it is one of the main reasons for our boys to score 'reasonable' marks. You can ask us to study and instead and score the legal way, but no, we choose not to follow that. That is out of the question. The thing is, even if we are well prepared, we like to copy. It is like both a job and a hobby. I am including myself in 'we' because, though I have copied earlier (not anymore!), I am now contributing by showing my answers to friends. This can also come under copying, right!!?. I am, well, proud of it, Kinda!
Most of us would have experienced copying directly or indirectly. If not, then you have missed a great part of life :P.

I still remember the episode of Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Athkinson, where he makes us laugh without speaking a dialogue, creating a comical drama before the exam, like for example, deciding to choose a pen from the bunch and setting the pink panther, and trying to make plans of copying in various ways which obviously renders him futile. In the end, he is tricked and fooled because he doesn't know of another optional question paper inside the cover. 

However, you might be thinking why I am blogging about copying in exams. Though we might be experienced in the field of copying, once in a blue moon, some of us get caught. That too, in my college, if they ever found out any copying business, they would confiscate the answer papers and send us out. The teachers are like human hawks. They too, are very intelligent, mind it. So it has been hard in recent times for us.

I am here to classify the various methods of copying:

a) Conventional copying from bits of papers: 
The word bit has almost been incorporated into the Tamil language that I sometimes find it weird to think that it is English. Such is the common usage. This method is the most common and old one, where you write the material that you tend to forget, in small chits of paper and carry it to the exam hall directly.
This might be old, but the most direct way of approaching. Sadly, it has been on the decline as we are been checked once in a while and also unpredictable.

b) Peeping: 
This method is currently in use and very popular. The name says it all. It appears to be easy but this, I think is most difficult, though no actual work is required. You just have to look at the neighbour's paper and write the answers. But you have to check the room, once in every while for the 'police'. This method becomes difficult and dangerous as the room size increases and the number of invigilators increase. Because, there is a high chance that you are always being watched by one or the other. For small rooms, this is very easy.

c) Signal method:
This method could be classified as a more recent one and it sure needs a lot of deftness. I have followed this method at school, as I am not that good at the other two. But beware, while making signs, look out for the invigilators. This method is particularly very useful if the exam happens to be a mutiple choice one (the answers are choices). There is no secret about this. If there are four choices, assign each choice to a symbol that you discuss with your friends before-hand. I, once followed this. The forehead, the nose, the lips and the lower chin as A, B, C, D respectively. This is more subtle because even if you are seen it appears as if you are scratching yourself :P. But on the safer side, be careful. 

This is all I know about copying. There may be other but it will surely come under these categories.

Copying is both a fun and dangerous business. You are bound to enjoy it but also you have to vigilant at all times, especially when the situation appears to be calm. It can be compared to the eye of a hurricane. Believe me, it is damn useful when you are completely blank and haven't prepared a thing.

Copying gives you a adrenaline rush. That is partly the reason to enjoy it.

Have you ever had any experience in copying? If so, share it with me :)


  1. Vishal here!!! I prefer the signal method :) .... Keep blogging

  2. Wow very funny, but intresting article :) I too copied in my school days by writing on ereaser, the question nos. of 1marks and getting the answers from my friends. But i stopped it now. In my college we have daily tests and i could see half of my classmates copying by bit or by exchanging answer papers :)

    1. AAh yes...I have done the eraser thing too...In this u cannot get caught...very intelligent...Yeah in clg mny of them copy but I am on the other side of copying that is, showing the answers to them...:)

    2. this is jeevan da ....i got so experienced copyin wit karthik bhind me ....tat i dnt get tat adrenaline rush anymore :P
      it has bcum lyk a profession 4 me :P :D

    3. Haha...I know how you guys copy....those days were unforgettable :)

  3. Hi Akash,

    another interesting read from you...
    I too can relate...I have also done copying sometimes during my engg days but never followed those signals I wish I too have MCQ's in my exams....:P

    1. Haha....MCQ's are real fun while copying...Signals could be innovative!!
      Thanks for the comment... :)

  4. Hilarious.... Classifications were quite detailed...

    1. Thank you for your comment Makeachange! :) keep visiting!

  5. It is an art..

    First time I did it in the school, my hands started to shake, I couldn't write!!

    1. First time is always like that...after that you will get used to it :P

  6. Beings back college memories :-)

  7. Hi....

    Just wanted to enlighten you a little more on the topic of copying.
    During my engineering days. I have witnessed people helping each other by passing their supplements too. This one needs a lots of guts to be executed. ;) But engineers are known for taking risks!

    Neha Sharma

  8. Its an art I tell you ! You brought back memories of school days !

  9. Lol ! A very catchy article :) I use to make atmost 7-8 students copy from my answer book, as I was a scholar myself :( But it sometimes irritated me a lot during exam time. Hey ! If You want us to alter anything or make customized changes in your blog, kindly visit the link & you would not be disappointed, believe me !!


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