Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blueprint for Change!

I am really glad to write this post. A good initiative by blog-adda. Well, everyone in this world has problems in their life. If they don't have any problems and are completely happy, then either there is a problem with them or they are dead. Wow, I just thought of it. Cool, huh? :P. Anyways this particular contest asks bloggers to list out 5 major problems/ concerns, give reasons and provide solutions (blueprint) for the same. I have got a test series next week, yet, here I am blogging. Such addiction. However, the first exam is only English, so no worry :P. So here is my list of 5 major problems:

1.Political System:
Reason: Do I need to tell you? Its pretty much self-explanatory. The political system is fucked up. Most of them in there are oldies :P. Too much corruption and greed in the country.

Solution: Before I proceed, I must tell you that I don't know much about politics (I know the name of our prime minister, It is Dr. Manmohan Singh, right?....Not bad!). I don't know how to put forward the solution. The gist is this: The UPSC exams happen every year, right? Why don't we sack all the present leaders and elect the young, real, outward, courageous, determined students who write this exam (I mean everybody) directly into the political stream. Seems crazy and slightly un-thinkable but if this is ever possible I think our country would really benefit and prosper. Think about it!

2. Clean-Chennai:
Reason: Well, It is the city I was born and it is only logical and correct to care about my city. I love Chennai truly. However, there is one thing which tarnishes the image of Chennai. That is the cooum which meanders, not gracefully, through the city :(. You know, just about 40-45 years ago, the cooum was a beautiful small river, so beautiful that it was used for boating too. But now, the river is a stinking, green liquid which really gives a bad image for my city. It is over-polluted and is beyond cleaning. People do all kinds of shitting there, in addition to factories. And, there is also garbage problem.

Solution:  The government did take some 'steps' in cleaning the cooum. But I don't think there was any progress. The people must do their part too. Stop littering and shitting. Yeah, that is it. Then we have the right to pressurise the government.

3. Language:
Reason: This is a problem which most of the people don't see/care about it. I have already spoken about Tamil in the article Tami'z'h---A'z'hagu (Beauty!) . Give it a read if you want. With the advent of English language trickling into our daily-conversations and also immigration of people from other states (partly) , I feel that it is going to be lost. You know why people don't care about it? Because language is less of an issue after people settle in their life. When money comes into life, they forget about these.
The Language problem is applicable to all regional languages. However, not for Hindi, I think. My personal view is that all languages would gradually get lost with time and Hindi and English emerge as the winners (by 2200 maybe!).

Solution: The solution for this is very difficult to follow. Of course we can't avoid English or prevent immigration. Actually there is no permanent solution, I think. The least we could do is prolong it. But lets hope for the best. It is in the hands of each and every person, especially the ones in urban areas. Try conversing in Tamil for whole sentences and learning the Tamil-equivalent words for English-counterparts. I know it is hard, even for me, but we must preserve our classical language.

4. My 'Introvert'ing problem:
Reason: This is a personal problem :P. I am not that good in socialising as I am in writing (I am good, right?). The reason is, due to a particular 'physical defect' which indirectly (sometimes directly) affects my pronunciation. I can't pronounce some letters such as X,S,F,Z. Because of which I avoid talking most of the time. I get irritated and slightly embarrassed when people ask for a word repeatedly, cocking their heads to the side and I make a sign of the letter in the air. :/

Solution: Over the years, I got used to the problem without a solution. Though my family and close friends understand and advise me to be bold and tell that it doesn't matter if I go wrong in my pronunciations, I ain't satisfied. A possible solution is to practice some words and be bold, which takes a lot of time.

I could think of only four major problems that I think is considerable. However, for the fun of it, I am going to add one more minor issue (no, not an issue, but just a thing).

Quality of cartoons in cartoon network totally sucks to the core. Most of them are about Gods, be it Krishna or Bheema or Ganesh, Animation is of low quality. I miss the old ones like Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Swat Kats, Dexter's Lab and The Mask :(. For this, I am requesting you to give a solution. :P

Have a good day!

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  1. Hi Akash,

    Your first point actually makes a lot of sense. But our country is so neck deep in corruption and politics that it actually looks absurd. Think about the time it takes for the results of the UPSC exams to come out and then there's re-checking and all other stuff. If only things could become a little bit more simple.

    As for your introversion, you can overcome it easily, if you make the firm resolve in your mind and proactively work towards it. :)


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  2. It does take time. But the output is great!

    Thank you for your lovely comment Jay! Your entry for th get published seems awesome!

  3. well about the quality of cartoons first thing we wouldnt mind watchin the same old episodes of swat kats or tom or jerry even today when re-telecast secondly provide variety with new set of cartoons as it was in the past comedy like looney tunes ,adventure like jackie chan,sci fi like phineas and ferb you know give a good revamp.and most importantly give a different and innovative approach to every cartoon from animation techniques to storylines .

  4. Thank you Rat! It feels weird to call you as rat!

  5. Nice Akash..after being for 3 years in Chennai I can really understand point no 2...

    All the best for the contest..:)


  6. Thank you for your wishes Himani! Welcome to my blog!

  7. You have put very new problems and I really like the approach.

    Well for your last problem, I would just say read about Demonsthenes once. I'm sure he will inspire you enough to take hold of life in an all new bold and enthusiastic way.

    Cheers! :)

  8. Thank you Surbhi for you lovely comment! Yeah I have heard of him! I am trying! :)

  9. Congratz I nominate u for the wonderful Leibster award...

  10. Hi Akash !! Thanks for adding me to your network :)You have a great Blog and I like the way you have put forward the basic problems of our country. well Done ! All the best for the contest.

  11. Hi!! You are welcome and thank you for your lovely comment and wish! Will check out your blog!!

  12. you know , even i have thought about electing politicians based on academic merit . . i too have included that in a small paragraph on my entry . As you said , onsisteny is the key for a much massive transformation ! Also , nice to know that you are already gaining over the introvert part of you . Nobody is perfect . never let anything bog you down . Speak louder through your pen ! best wishes :)

  13. I am slowly gaining confidence...Thank you for your awesome comment! :)


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