Monday, 28 January 2013

The Chennai Auto Expo 2012!

Harley Davidson Bikes
Last month of 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the Auto expo at the Chennai Trade Centre, which happens to be very near my house. I was fascinated by cars from a very small age, which was probably due to the incredible number of hours playing racing games such as Need For Speed: Most Wanted etc; In India, it is hard to spot any exotic cars except in rare cases, in which those are mainly owned by celebrities and/or politicians. Also, unlike the other metros in the country, in Chennai it is even more a rarity. Only in the recent times, the number of previously unseen foreign cars (such as BMW ) are taking a toll gradually. The cars that I like can be made into a list, but my all-time-favourite is and will be the Lamborghini. It so happened that the Lamborghini was also on display in the expo. As I have never seen a Lambo in real, I was very eager and excited to go to the expo and couldn't 'wait for it' (A happy coincidence! :P).

A double treat, because the entry was free. To my amazement, there was astonishing crowd in the expo. There were many people, some who had come to test drive the new releases by the 'locals', some who had come to buy and some like me just to gaze at the new, shining, glazing metal of the autos. Beside the cars, there were also bikes like the Harley-Davidson and the local Hero Honda, Yamaha etc;

The Lamborghini Gallardo!

But the main attraction was without doubt the three exotic cars- Lambo, Ferrari and the Audi! I stood for a long time gazing at the Lambo. Sadly people were forbidden to touch these beastly beauties or even come near them for that matter. Actually, these three cars are owned by the members of the Madras Exotic Car Club (MECC- the name is self-explanatory). I attended the expo for two days out of the three.

The Three Exotic Cars

The second day, I went to the expo with my friend who had come here for holidays. This time I was lucky enough to to the sound of the Lamborghini. The owner only started the motor of the car. Oh my God, I have never heard such a tremendous, beastly sound. The sound resonated and reverberated around the whole exhibition, which was greater than the Ferrari and the Harley-Davidson bikes. Below are some of the other beauties that were for sale. Next to the Lambo, I like the BMW. Just look at those head-lights, the double grills in the front and the sturdy curves. No one can hate it. I also liked the new release by Mitsubishi (Pajero).

BMW 530d
Mitsubishi Pajero 


I know it is crazy when I say this but even so--- to buy the Lamborghini. Firstly it is not utilitarian and secondly it definitely is not suitable for the Indian standards. We all know how awesome our roads are! It would be like punishing my Lambo! :P.

P.S: All the above photos were captured by the author i.e me; so no copy, Okaaay! :P. Not that anyone is going to, but still!


  1. I know right?! They are just awesome....Thanks for visiting by!

  2. ohh the show looks awesome, those cars look niceeeee :D

  3. Hey thank you for the comment. Yea those cars are amazing...Welcome to my blog!

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