Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Published in The Hindu!

Getting published in an esteemed newspaper is something which everyone (well, mostly) wishes for. Some may get published if they have achieved something extra-ordinary like topping the CAT or IAS or IIT exams, some might get published for unfortunate reasons like getting arrested or killed in accidents. Everybody is familiar with the Hindu. There is a supplement that comes every thursday - the Nxg. In it there is a exclusive column called 'my space' (Don't know if it's present in all the editions of the Hindu) exclusive for amateur writers like me. Actually I hoped to get published in some newspaper if I topped the 12th examinations. And this hope was 'when'? After I got high (not in that sense :P) on the success of my 10th exams. I was like very confident that I could easily top in the 12th with a little bit more of effort. Now when I look back, I can't help myself suppressing a laugh. In 12th at school, I was in a state of mind like his- Oh God! Atleast let me pass in this! Oh, you don't worry, I scored a decent percentage in the mains :P. 

Anyway back to topic, I was unfortunate not to get published in any newspaper. So I thought, why not write something for the paper. Though I knew, my chances of getting published were too low. Coz, you know its the Hindu, man. In truth, this article which I wrote was already written (put) in my blog. I just copied the whole thing and sent it to the official mail of the Hindu. This was in August 7,2012. 

My article in the Hindu!
Then I waited for every thursday for two-three weeks. Though I got a little sad, I understood the situation. Definitely there would be a lot of better writers than me. Right? And its the Hindu! They don't kid themselves by publishing silly articles posted from this heart. As days passed, I totally forgot about it. Then after about 3 months (actually three months accurate-it was November 8th), I was in for a pleasant shock that morning. There it was, my article, on page 4 of the Metroplus, with my name and college in bold fonts :). Usually when I achieve something I remain humble, basking silently in the success, lest I be called as Arrogant. But I am not going to bother about it now. A little bragging won't do any harm, right? :P I was and am still in cloud nine. It was one of the most proudest moments. Though I knew the editors cut short it too much and all the main essence was sucked out of the original and also my article was in the backlog for three months (means: I think that they published it, since they ran out of genuinely good articles). But I din't care, my name got published in a widely read english newspaper across the country. I am happy :). Thought I could share it with you guys.

Not only did I get published, I also won a voucher for 1000 Rs /- from Sting Clothing. :D 

I bet the picture's not of good resolution. Don't worry :P. Here is the link for the original article: 


  1. I used to read 'My Space' in 'The Hindu'. They are interesting pieces of writing. Congrats! Wishing you to get more laurels.

  2. Wow.. That's great.. Keep going.. :)
    All the best for your future.. Keep writing and blogging..

  3. @ Aru....Thank you for your wishes sir! Keep visiting!

  4. @sushmitha: Thank you! It is nice to get appreciated by a chennaite! :)

  5. Congrats!!!
    Well you should often brag :P

  6. @surbhi: Haha...yea i am trying that! Thanks!....Keep visiting!

  7. How and to whom you send the article?

  8. Well boy bragging is different from letting people know what you are capable of, and if you don't do that trust me they will pull you down to a very low extreme!!! soooo keep bragging :P :P

  9. To whom should i send the article ?


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