Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Home!

Those 12 years from my birth,
Ah, those were the reminiscent times in K.K.Nagar.
With thick foliage and tall trees 
Lined in almost every avenue, 

I woke up daily to the sound of
Sacred Hymns and Bhajans,
Which resonated from, wait for it (:P),
Not my home, but from the house downstairs.

Famous for the PSBB school, 
Where, by the way, I studied amongst hundreds,
Notable for the famed Saravana Bhavan,
First opened here and the Big Shivan Park,

Where several people have leisure,
The Ananda Bakery and Look 'n' Pick,
Which dominated the area,
The Vinayagar (Ganesh) temple 

Which drew large crowds.
The people speaking the Brahmin-tamil baashai to
Which we took time to get accustomed to,
because you know, we knew 

The Madras-Tamil Baashai only.
My Home was located in this beautiful,
Bustling, social environment.
I cannot forget the unique smell of

My sweet home, the aroma of hot coffee,
The smell of milk white jasmine.
I cannot forget the smell of 
The lizol (:P), the smell of the walls,
The smell of the ever worked up kitchen.

Now I have shifted elsewhere. 
But the memory of my Home 
Could not be shifted
With no-where to go!

K.K.Nagar is a planned locality in Chennai, where I resided for 12 years.
Look 'n' pick is a stationary store.
Baashai in english is language.

Not the best of poetry, but still!


  1. Loved the reminiscing,esp the last 5 lines. They brought me back memories of time spent in Chennai.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Nice writing.. :) Me too like such surroundings.. What a chennaite could ask for more than this..

  3. @ zach: GLad that you liked it! :)
    @ Sushmitha: Proud to be a Chennaite :)
    thank you for your comment!:)


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