Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shoot These Animals!

The recent news of the ruthless gang rape of a 23 year old woman, by four people, in a moving bus in Delhi has shocked the country. I really do not know how these people have the guts. 2013 is going to be born in just over a week. Is this really the way we are going to sign off this year? Definitely no. If anything, it should be in style. But alas, this incident has brought shame.

What pleasure do they obtain in doing such a heinous thing to a woman! Instead they could go to a brothel to satisfy themselves. These people are mad and crazy. No, they don't come under the category of people. They come under animals- animals filled with raw, carnal lust. Probably, these animals look at women, as if they were toys. This outrageous-ness must be put to an end immediately and for all the years to come. It is high time, women can walk freely in this country at whatever time they wish without fear. Installing CCTV's in buses and other public transport systems, as said by the government can help but a more stringent and severe judgement must be made in this case, so that in the future such incidents won't happen again.

Shoot them up !

You know what I think should be done to these animals? Not hanging them. They must be stripped down to the core and shot by multiple executioners. This should have a video footage so that the world could watch it. I read in an esteemed newspaper that suggested chemical castration which takes out the sexual arousal in men. But, in my opinion, this shooting thing seems a more appropriate and severe verdict. Infact, I think this must be passed as a bill or brought into effect for all rape cases to prevent such incidents.

In addition to this, I must add one thing. This is a note to all young ladies and women :

"If you still don't have faith or hope in the government and men, then I suggest you practice some kind of martial arts or carry a stunning electrical device (I don't know its name) with you always to protect yourselves from any dangerous 'animals' ! ".


  1. akash its the electric device is calld a tazer

  2. A very decent & heart warming post. On one side we have animals & on the other we have people like you who are so concerned for girls. I love the points that you have mentioned, Personally I don't have any trust in the govt. so it's better I be on the safer side by learning some self defence. Thanks a lot buddy. just wish the punishment you mentioned comes in being, it's the best we can give those bas*****. I just pray that the girls soul rest in peace & men who did the brutal act are done with the severest punishment any one can think off, because only then can we wish for a safer nation.

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  4. I know those guys were animals. But...
    Violence begets violence. Jail (life) will be enough for those guys. Education is the key, that's what you should be spending your time writing about. Not getting revenge, killing, shooting. You've lowered yourself to their level. An animal, with lust for blood.
    Nobody really cares about your personal opinion on how you would kill these pigs.
    Peace my friend.

    1. Your opinion is totally right...Education is the only key that must be given at a small age itself....But at the present moment, many of "these" people are corrupted and commit such heinous crimes. To stop other such "minded" people in the country from doing such things, I don't think education would help. It is too late for "them". Shooting them will serve as a warning to the others, hopefully. But still, rapes occur to date.


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