Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ride With Rango!

From my childhood, I have loved cartoons. Who doesn't? Those people who were born in the 90's or just before that, would be familiar with popular cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Dexter's Laboratory, Dragon BallZ, Spongebob Square Pants, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Mask etc; and many more. I think that the present generation cartoons featuring in cartoon channels, are not that entertaining. Believe me, even now, I like watching Tom & Jerry (The old 'Hanna-Barbara' ones) and The Loony Tunes Show.

Technology has drastically improved in different fields. Especially in movies, in recent times, hardly any movies can be found without the usage of computer graphics/ effects/ animation. A separate genre has 
come- 'Animation' (I love this word!) apart from the conventional genres like romance, action etc; In the recent years, a great number of movies have been made (For eg: Toy Story), and surprisingly, many of them have won different awards. This genre is as entertaining and scintillating as the others. And the thing is, contrary to the beliefs that these type of movies can only be enjoyed by kids, these movies can be watched by everyone.  

A still from Rango
This movie, Rango, which I watched two weeks
back was, to put it in a word, 'Awesome'. I have been watching animation movies lately. With every movie, the next one becomes more entertaining than the previous one. The movie is about a pet chameleon, who gets separated from his master in the middle of a highway, cutting through the mojave desert and the 'adventures' he undergoes in the subsequent days. I am not willing to reveal the story.

Rango (2011), directed by Gore Verbinski, story by himself and John Logan, music by legend Hans Zimmer, stars Johnny Depp [:)] as Rango, Isla Fisher as Beans, Ned Beatty as Mayor, Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake jake (lent their voice for the characters). Almost immediately, I recognised the loud, heroic voice of Depp. The movie has an interesting plot with rich, colourful, picturesque visuals that is a feast to the eyes. The CGI animation done by Industrial light and & magic (true to its name) have done a very remarkable job. Particularly, I liked the cowboy costume, worn by Rango (as seen in the above picture). The locations in the desert, all the characters and the backgrounds are intricate. The movie is fast paced with plenty of action (many chases and fight scenes), doses of comedy and romance sprinkled here and there. Background score by Zimmer is just, wow, no one could ever do it. For instance, the music that follows after Rango introduces himself, and the ride scene, is stimulating and stylish. Infact, I downloaded the soundtrack from the internet. Also, there are a few memorable dialogues that got etched into my memory.

'Ain't no one gonna tango with the Rango!' - One of the punch dialogues used by Rango.

'Rango is stylish, fast-paced, wild and spontaneous'.

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