Saturday, 24 November 2012

Reminiscent Times!

Photos are captured by people for a variety of reasons. They may be just for art or it might be useful in gathering evidences for a crime (:P) or they may be to capture a moment of celebration or achievement. But the most important reason people capture photos is to remind them of old memories; Back then, how their lives were and how it makes them wonder how life had changed miraculously with time. One thing is for sure when people look at their past pictures. They are bound to remember something or the other related to that picture  or an incident which happened whilst taking the picture. It is really fun to view past photos of our life and my mom, without fail, whenever she views old photos, reminisces very beautifully and also not to forget 'animatedly' (particularly when there is also a guest viewing the pictures). Sometimes I get embarrassed, whenever a stupid/funny (you know what I mean!) photo (when I was small! mind it :P) comes up and my mom bursts out laughing with the guest also joining in it. I try to laugh with them, trying to take it easy, but its really hard.

Me at 8 
This particular picture was captured when I was about eight years old, in the beautiful, lush Brindavan garden at Mysore, Karnataka by my brother.

As you can see clearly, my teeth 'was'  in a disorder when I was small.
When I try to smile, two of my incisors stick out prominently like Bugs Bunny. Actually, I do remember that moment when this photo was taken. Those days, (probably even now!) often, I did the opposite of whatever people said, particularly when their tone is pleading, just to intimidate them(or say, to have my way). For instance, when my mom asks not to step inside the house with my slippers on, I would enter the house on purpose, just to irritate her a little bit (similar such situations).

First, when I posed like this, my brother started laughing, saying "Don't show your Bokka Pallu! (Improper Teeth in english)". But, I decided to act against him (thinking that I am kinda winning), continuing to smile in the same way. Shaking his head, he clicked this picture. Years later, when I look at this picture, I wondered I did like this. I should have listened to him. But, all the people who have seen this photo, gave a short laugh and commented that it was funny and natural. Not only do I remember this, but also the other things about Mysore; The first time - I tried my hand on a flute, I rode in a chariot driven by actual horses through the city of Mysore. Interestingly, I found that when we see old photos we could also remember the songs that were played at that time. When I saw the Mysore photos, I instantly remembered the songs of a Tamil movie (Dum Dum Dum) that were played repeatedly in the travels' car during the trip.

Now when I look at this, I smile to myself and wish I could go back to those days.        

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  1. Aww That's really sweet Akash... and you are looking very cute with those Bokka Pallu... :) Nice write up chap, it reminded me some old memories... Happy blogging :)

  2. thank you Ayushi for your beautiful compilment!...:)

  3. its natural that we burst out looking onto our chilhood pics certainly and no one could place a counter point for this saying .when people are busy blogging over social stigmas , political stuffs , freaking gizmos whatever, i found this a new one been put up :) liked the way 'you stayed open enough'.

    whole heartedly - sweet !! :)


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