Thursday, 22 November 2012

Heights Of Vettiness and Joyness!

The month of November is awesome, right till this moment. From the time I joined college, I have been free like anything. Particularly this month (from 1-22), in which I had my semester exams, was like a holiday. The 1st of November itself was declared leave (my first exam got postponed), because of cyclone Nilam which created a havoc in Tamil Nadu. Believe me, it was not like a semester itself. In addition to that, I had only four exams [:D]. There was the semester 'study' holidays (oh wow!). I marveled myself by sleeping for long hours continuously. Nothing beats that feeling of happy satisfaction than covering yourself with a blanket in cold winter night-day-evening for long hours. Taking naps during winter time is really, really comfortable.

When I was not sleeping, I watched sit-coms like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family etc; and watched movies back to back in my system, while downloading new movies simultaneously. I did read for my exams, but as usual late hour studies. I really didn't get the mood to study [:P]. I did my exams well. Then what!- Holidays till the next semester begins which was today.

As Diwali was approaching, my mom started making sweets and savouries like murukkus, gulab jamuns, adhirasams. I could not help myself from munching those sweets. From time to time, I sneaked into the kitchen to check if any new items were made. But, ultimately, I get scolded by my mom, who has sharp ears like a - 'whichever thing that has sharp hearing'. On Diwali day, I didn't do anything special- wore new dress, ate plenty of sweets, watched back to back movies. Readers, in the upcoming diwalis, I advice you this. That evening, we went to a family friend's house. As I stepped outside, I was in for a colorful feast to the eyes. The night sky was blazing with lights of vibrant colour emitted by the rockets that
were being 'sent' to the sky by other people.                      Remember, the sky is common to all. You can
view this beautiful visual at other people's expenses. Don't waste your money in buying expensive crackers, instead watch others bursting it. Your money saved; environment saved by you; also your pleasure saved. After the festival of lights
got over, I was back to routine---sleeping.
But, this time, I cut some of it by learning some new things like animation and also went out with my friends.

Today my college reopened for the second semester. Being the first day, nothing happened worthy and I returned home early, to my mother's surprise, and had a hot cup of coffee with its rich aroma.

By the way, Vetti-ness means Idleness in Tanglish (Tamil+English)  !

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