Saturday, 10 November 2012

A School Story! #1

We all like to laugh. Especially me, I like to laugh freely. That is why, I like movies that are tagged comedy. I make it a point to watch sitcoms and comedy clips everyday. Infact, they say, 'laughter is the best medicine'. It strengthens our immune system, boosts our energy, diminishes our pain, relieves our tension. 
Above all, laughter is free of cost for everybody.

At the end of the 10th grade in school, I was one of the happiest and proudest people. I had got very high grades at my 10th public examinations and was in cloud nine. This pride might have changed to vanity. I even joined IIT coaching classes at the end of summer holidays, in the hope, I could crack the JEE ( now, I am chuckling to myself, lol ). It was the first mistake I did. My 11th grade was like learning greek and latin. In this scene, there was these IIT classes which were even worse. My marks plummeted down horribly. It all started with the first U.T physics examination. I gave my efforts, as I did before, like in the previous years. Even now, I remember, I got 56 out of 100. I was very upset that day. Though the class top mark was some 80/85 (I don't remember :P), I was silent all day and didn't take interest in anything, since I was not used to getting low marks. I was hating, angry over myself and pondering how to tell this to my mom. But my friend, in the name of cheering me up, was laughing and making jokes. I tried, with all my might not to laugh, but to my surprise, his laughter broke the silence, I forgot the whole thing and started laughing too (atleast for that time being).

When I came home after school, I was like being the nicest person on earth to my mom, doing all the favours for her which I usually don't and even buttering up. But my mom is brilliant, she immediately got suspicious and enquired whether any answer papers had been given. Not used to hiding anything from her (later this habit changed!), I ended up telling her. As usual, it was diwali time that day. Emotions ran high such as anger, tension, depression, irritation etc; At first, I defended myself (may have shouted at times :P) starting with teacher's strict correction, class' low average, my friends' mark etc; But the more we argued and shouted, the more we got tensed. After a point, I lost all energy and decided to remain silent. I listened and nodded to everything, that was said. Calmness was restored back in the house. I learnt that, remaining silent and listening to the speaker intently, solves arguments and also earns us a good name.

All depends on the situation. 'Sometimes, the anger or irritation of the person can be broken by laughing heartily (especially if it is your friend). In other times, silence can do wonders and solves the problems'.

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  1. Wow! This is one of the cutest post as a WOW entry I have read so far. Extremely lovely friend. Glad you shared your story with all of us. Keep smiling, I did the same mistake as well & not I am an engineer :(

  2. nice story...i also keep mum, when being defense in case being scolded by parents.
    and a good WOW post...good luck :-)

  3. Thank you jagathi for your encouraging comment...!!


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