Saturday, 6 October 2012

Waking up, now that September has ended...!!!

Well...This is kind of apt for me. Not that I had been sleeping all through september. But, because I turned 18 recently, on september 24, the last month. This september, I am in college. A new "me" was re-born last month, rising from the ashes like a phoenix does when it is reborn (yeah!...I am crazy about the harry potter world!). I think like this every year during my birthday, motivate myself, take some serious resolutions to follow during that year, but like 'most' of us would have experienced, all becomes useless. 


This year, when I turned 18, I do not know what it was, but I felt a newly found energy within me. I think that at 18, people are reborn (not literally). People leave school, which is like a second home to them and enter college, which is an entirely new world to them. They get a new perspective on life. Suddenly I feel active everyday, wanting to try something new. I realised that there is so much in life to experience and to learn. I am a person who follows his routine. This year I have inducted a series of things that I want to do/learn, some of which I have already started; for example: the thing I am doing right now (blogging!), travelling by electric train etc; Apart from that, I want to learn driving, play keyboard, read a 'lot' of thriller, drama novels; learn and excel in photography, photoshop editing, create my own web designs and animations, read the newspaper daily (:P till now didnot have that habit :P);

watch a lot of movies of all genres and sitcoms, increase my collection of drawings, listen to 
versatile types of music, maintain my health, write a big story on my own etc;The list goes on and on. 

Basically, I want to try anything which is new and that which interests me. The most important thing 

I decided upon was to become independent. Being independent gives a sense of power.
For instance, the power of making your decisions.
Now that I am in college, time seems to be aplenty, so I hope to learn as many new things as 
possible this year. I have also joined a club at college. As I have written in my previous 
article - "Picking the Plastic" (, I want to contribute to the environment in my own way and encourage others too.

'Be Independent, Do new, Enjoy life' - That is the thing I am going to follow. that has september has ended, I have woken up and am ready to rock the world! 

Wait For It!

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