Friday, 26 October 2012

Pizza - A Thriller Treat!

Quality films are on the rise in Kollywood (For those who do not know: It is the hollywood of Tamil Nadu) again. And, this movie is definitely no exception. Before I watched this movie today, many weeks before, when I saw the posters for 'Pizza', I was like, who would name a movie like that?. But, I was completely wrong when I watched it. The movie is aptly titled and no other word/phrase would have made justice.

Poster Of Pizza
Directed by newbie, Karthik Subbaraj (also story and screenplay) and starring Vijay Sethupathi (as Michael), Remya Nambeesan (as anu) in lead roles and 'Aaadukalam' Naren (Yeah!- The Aadukalam that won national awards), Jayakumar, Pooja in supporting roles, the movie revolves around a pizza delivery man and his newly married wife. The thrill/horror begins at 15-20 minutes into the movie. It all starts when the lead actor enters a large bungalow to deliver a pizza.

Well, apart from the usual elements like darkness,
blood, crude weapons, big, isolated, eerie mansion that applies to the genre of horror; there is 'more' to this movie. To start with, there is a 'pizza'. Oh yes, that is all I can say. And, I guarantee, that this pizza won't make you go hungry, definitely not 'hungry'. Oh, the horror! Luckily, I bought popcorn and kept munching it as loudly as I could (with the hope, I could eliminate the terrifying BGM atleast!). More than the horror, it is the suspense in the movie, which remains throughout the movie.

According to me, the performance by the cast is commendable and deserves appreciation. Especially
the lead actor (Vijay) acted brilliantly. There are only two songs in the movie which makes it look lengthier. The Background music by Santhosh is outstanding, gives you the adrenaline surge (And what with the already cold atmosphere inside the theatre- at one instance, I clutched my chest involuntarily) at the unexpected moments. The editing is slick and the photography, well, I can say it scared me for unneccessary things. The director and the entire unit have done a wonderful job. Believe me, there are a lot of twists and turns till the end. At the intermission, I was totally blank with confusion. I came up with different theories and deductions about the story and discussed it with my friend (who, by the way was scaring me at every moment he could find). Alas, I failed in my guesses and it turned out be completely different.
The movie's storyline is fresh, spicy, a thriller treat and definitely worth the money.

'Pizza, known to make our mouths water (usually), brought horror in me (probably you, when you see the pizza in the movie).' 

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